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To be honest, magic practitioners don’t recommend casting break up spells at all. However, sometimes people have no choice. For example, they’re so in love that they can’t imagine their life without the person they love, or they can’t stand seeing their loved one in a toxic relationship with a cheating wife or a passive-aggressive husband and want to free this person. You can be in love with a guy who loves you too, but you’re secretly having a love affair because he’s too weak to break up with his girlfriend; or you understand someone’s made a terrible choice and his relationship is ruining his life and future, and you want to help him with magic. In these situations magic spells are allowed and can be cast safely. Several spells to breakup a relationship on this page with experienced esotericists like Spellcaster Maxim will deliver a much-needed reboot.

It’s dangerous to cast love spells changing the target’s life and fate to get back at the target, because you’re jealous of the target, or because you want to hurt the target for any other reasons. The purer your intentions, the less danger you will face after interfering with the target’s life by casting your spell. But if you’re driven by envy and anger, you’ll bring a serious punishment upon yourself and possibly destroy your own life. Black magic works with black energies. For many people even short-term contacts with black energies can have devastating consequences. As you know, birds of a feather flock together.  If you cast spells keeping your inner light, if your motives are love and empathy, black energy can’t penetrate your subtle bodies and destroy your mind and soul. But if your thoughts are black, you’re sure to fall victim to your own black magic spells. Please remember about it when you decide to perform magic rituals.​

Do break up spells really work?

There are spells which can make one of the partners cruel or unfaithful. This kind of behavior makes the other partner suffer and eventually this partner loses patience and decides to break up with or divorce the aggressive or cheating partner. However, we don’t recommend such spells because they tend to damage the caster’s karma. For this reason you won’t find their description on our blog, but you can find some better alternatives, for example, spells impacting the target’s (male or female) sex drive. Do break up spell really work? They do, especially these spells. A huge advantage of these spells is that they don’t make the male target impotent and the female target frigid. They just make them stop feeling sexually attracted to their partner, while allowing them to still get turned on by others.

To put this spell on a man, take any item of his underwear, put it on the table, and put his picture on top of it. Put a peeled carrot on top, bundle it up, and cover it with a picture of his girlfriend or wife. Tie it up with a gray string making twelve knots. You can visit this site moviesverse for more information. For more information visit this site fresherslive

Squeeze the bundle with your hands and say:

“The root is dry but the tree is alive. It just casts no shadow and doesn’t rustle. No one needs a dry tree – neither animals nor birds or humans. So you (the woman’s name) won’t need (the man’s name) when he stops wanting you. He’ll lie down next to you but won’t feel anything. You’ll become invisible to him, a stranger to him. Touch him – you won’t get anything. Ask him – you won’t get anything. Kiss him – you won’t get anything. Because he (the man’s name) lost his sexual desire for you (the woman’s name) like the root has withered. There is only one way to treat the dry root – leave the dry tree. So you (the woman’s name) should leave him (the man’s name). Hurry up, don’t waste your time. When you leave, the root will be revived and the tree will get new leaves. But not for you (the woman’s name) and not with you. I’ve dried the root with my magic freeing (the man’s name). He’ll be free and fall in love with me (your name) soon.” You may share your article on forexinghub and thehomeinfo. So that, your website rank on Google as well and get more information from worldtravelplace and worldupdate

Put the bundle away. Now take another carrot which size is about the same as the carrot used in your break up spell, peel it and put it in a dry place. Use it to see what happens to the carrot in the bundle. When it dries up, it means the carrot in the bundle is dry too. Then take the bundle to a road and untie it. Burn the string, throw the carrot out, tear the picture of the woman into pieces, and take the man’s picture and underwear home, and put them under your matrass. They’ll draw the man to you after he breaks up with his girlfriend whose picture you used in your ritual.

Such break up spells that really work are more effective when cast by people who really love the target. So if you don’t love the target, feel free to use any of the spells described later in this article. Yet the best and wisest way would be asking a professional spellcaster for a break up spell. If the target breaks up with his or her partner, ask the spellcaster for a love spell to bring you together (of course, if you want to).

Speaking of professional magic services, those buying break up spells from professional magic practitioners to get back at someone or because they envy someone rarely manage to get away with it. To protect yourself from a magical punishment, ask your spellcaster for a special protective ritual. Prices for such rituals vary and depend on each specific client’s needs.​

Powerful break up spells

To break up a couple by lowering the woman’s sex drive, powerful break up spells are cast on fish and cabbage. However, all of the below spells shouldn’t be put on women:

  • Under 21 years of age;
  • Having any kidney issues;
  • Having any genito-urinary diseases;
  • Who are pregnant;
  • Going through menopause;
  • Who’re trying to get pregnant;
  • Who’re raising children under 7 years of age.

If you try to put a spell on such women, you’ll run against a special energy shield created by Higher Powers to protect women from sorcery. This shield doesn’t absorb your magic but fends it off sending it back to you, most likely along with the disease the woman is suffering from. The woman is healed and you get sick. So our advice is study the woman’s medical history carefully before you put this spell on her.

This is how you can use fish to low a woman’s sex drive. Take a fresh fish, go to the house where she lives with her partner, and bury the fish under one of the windows, but not too deep. Then come to this place every evening to pour your urine over it (collected in advance in a special jar) and say:

“It’s not a tree, a flower or herb that I’m growing for you (the woman’s name). I’m growing coldness in your womb towards (the man’s name). Your (the woman’s name) sexual desire for (the man’s name) will be fading as there is less fish left every day. He’ll be patient at first but then push you away and leave you for the one who can makes him happy, the one who gives him real passion. The one who loves him and wants him. And let it be me.”

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Perform this ritual for 14 days. Then take a one-week break and bury a herring next to the first fish. Do not skin or gut the fish you use in this ritual. The fish should have a head, gills, fins, scales, and all organs intact. Pour the herring with a mix of water and milk (1:1) for 14 days, saying:

“(The man’s name), leave (the woman’s name). (The man’s name), come to me (your name). Love me strong. Want me passionately. Think about me continuously. Forget about (the woman’s name). Be as cold to her as she is to you.”

The ritual is considered completed. The partners will break up soon because of being sexually incompatible.

Another powerful break up spell is cast using a cabbage head. Buy one cabbage head that’s not too big but also not too small. Put the woman’s picture under the top leaves carefully, without damaging the cabbage, and put the man’s picture under the leaves too, but on the opposite side. Obviously, the pictures should depict the people who you want to break up. Put the cabbage head in a dark place, such as your basement or just a box, and don’t touch it for three days.​

Now cut the cabbage head in half with a big knife to separate the pictures. Put the half with the woman’s picture into an oven and slow bake it. The cabbage should get dry and become smaller. Then take it to a forest and bury it, saying:

“Your (the woman’s name) womb will be as dry as this cabbage around (the man’s name), but be filled with juices with any other man. But never with him. You’ll never want him. You’ll be repulsed by him. You’ll be disgusted by him. Intercourse with him will cause you pain. In the morning and during the day. In the evening and at night. In fall and spring, winter and summer. My spell will keep working no matter how much time goes by. ”

Here’s the spell you should say regarding the other half with the man’s picture which you left at home:

“Her (the woman’s name) coldness and indifference will burn you like the sun. No matter what you do, it’ll be for nothing. You can wait, but nothing will chance. The only solution is to leave her. As soon as you do it, I’ll free you and bring you home away from the sun.”

Take the cabbage out in the sun so it gets dry and wait. In about 1-2 months you’ll find out the man is no longer in a relationship with the woman. They broke up or got divorced because of sexual incompatibility. Now complete this break up spell that works. Take the man’s picture out of the withered and dry cabbage and bring it in. Wipe it with a clean cloth and put it away. Burn whatever is left of the cabbage, collect the ashes in a bag, and throw it out.

A break up spell that works immediately

Often a break up spell that works immediately depends on the season. For example, if it’s winter time, put 12 icicles on a large piece of bark. Dig a hole in the snow which won’t be found or vandalized. Divide the hole with a wall of icicles standing vertically with the sharp ends up. Put the man’s picture in the left section and the woman’s picture in the right section. Cover it with the bark and then cover the bark with some snow. But before you cover it, bend over and say 13 times:

“You’ll take this coldness surrounding you with you. The ice will cool down your hearts. The snow will cover your love. Your thoughts will get cold, your touch will get ice-cold. Your (the woman’s name) kiss will freeze the lips of (the man’s name), while your (the man’s name) touch will make (the woman’s name) shiver. You won’t be together like the snow melts eventually. But when winter passes, you (the man’s name and then the woman’s name) will split up. I will leave. Without a trace. I won’t accept any retribution. I’ll stay safe and sound.”

No matter when you cast this break up spell, it’ll bring first results in a few days, yet the spell will take full effect only in spring. When the snow melts, the couple will break up without a chance of getting back together.

Fast break up spells aren’t cast in spring. Spring is when love spells are cast. Thus, a powerful love spell can encourage the man to break up with his girlfriend. In spring the world is filled with the energy of growth, so cast love spells in spring. Breakup spells can be cast in summer too. If you’re too impatient, place a breakup spell order with a professional magic practitioner. Many of them are skilled enough to handle the energies filling the world in spring.​

A perfect time for break up spells that work is fall. This is when you can cast a spell on birds flying south for the winter. When you see such birds in the sky, grab a handful of salt and rush outside. As you watch them flying away, say:

“Fast birds, migrating birds, you’re flying high, flying far away. Take the love between (the names of the partners) with you. Leave it where you land. Let this love never come back and (the names of the partners) forget each other. Here’s some salt for you….”

Throw the salt at the birds.

“If you want to give the love back to (the names of the partners), first give me back my salt. That way I (your name) will give up my breakup spell.”

Then to go back in, lock up the front door, close all the doors and windows in the house. Don’t leave the house for 48 hours for safety reasons. Then you can get back to your normal lifestyle. If you’ve performed the ritual correctly, it’s already impacting the couple.

In summertime the fastest ritual is a ritual with withered flowers. Pick up some flowers in a garden or anywhere near the couple’s house. You can pick up any flowers, including wild flowers. Bring the flowers home and put them in a broken vase. Put the couple’s full-length picture under the vase and say:

“Just a miracle will save you from a divorce. If it happens and the flowers don’t wither in five days, you’ll stay together. But if any of the flowers dries up, you’ll break up. I know who I’m talking about. I won’t call their names, but I’ll link them to the ritual through the picture. When I return the picture, what I want will happen.”

Of course, the flowers will wither in five days. Put on some gloves to protect your hands, put the picture in the vase, and bring the vase together with the picture to the couple’s couple. Leave it at the front door, ring the door bell, and walk away. If they see you, the spell will attack you immediately affecting your life for the next seven days. But if you manage to walk away without being seen, the spell will be put on the couple as soon as one of them touches the flowers. It’s possible that the partners are using some kind of protection, such as a protective talisman or amulet, but it’s unlikely because this is uncommon.

In conclusion, we’d like to add that when you put the vase on the doorstep, take the gloves off and throw them out at the nearest intersection. Don’t put the gloves into your pocket or bag and don’t bring them back home, as this can trigger a magic retribution which should be prevented by all people practicing black magic by all means.

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