BK8 Affiliate Singapore: Extra Income Online


If you have a website or social media account, you can join BK8 Affiliates for free and start advertising the company’s goods and services to get exposure and potential commissions. The programme provides you with a variety of commission rates and other options to maximise your earnings.

Countless agents are available round-the-clock to help you, and BK8 Affiliates is no different. But if you haven’t yet figured out how to make money off of your website’s traffic, BK8 Affiliates is a great option to think about. Being a BK8 affiliate requires knowledge of a variety of topics.

Program for BK8 Affiliates

BK8 Affiliates is in charge of running the affiliate marketing program for BK8 Casino. If you run a blog or forum but don’t have your own website, you may still take advantage of this affiliate marketing scheme in Singapore to make additional money online. Site owners that wish to monetize their traffic should definitely look into this scheme.

If you are a page manager on a social media site and have many followers, applying to the program is easy. BK8 Affiliates provides a revenue-sharing scheme as a means of compensating its affiliates, with earnings ranging from 12% to 45% of sales. If you bring in enough new customers via this affiliate network during a certain period of time, you’ll be eligible for a bonus payment.

If you decide to join this BK8 Singapore Affiliate Program, you can promote your site to bet on various casino games and sporting events, making it attractive to gamblers around the world. The site’s mobile responsiveness means that participants can access the platform from tablets and smartphones for financial benefits. Potential customers that care enough about your company to check out your website or social media pages could also be interested in working for you.

Bk8 Affiliate’s Commission

When compared to other Singaporean online casinos, BK8’s 40% affiliate commission rate is among the highest. Affiliates may earn a lifetime commission just by referring new players to the game and urging them to join up. They may increase their earnings potential by recruiting their loved ones and acquaintances. This is an excellent resource for anybody in Singapore who is interested in learning how to generate money online.

Income from BK8 Affiliates’ revenue-sharing scheme is based on both the total losses suffered by your referrals and the number of active referrals you have at the time of payout. In other words, your income share will increase according to the amount of money lost by the individuals you refer. At all times, you should strive to have at least five active referrals working in your favour. Always. If you want to go anywhere with the project, you need this. Without doing so, you’ll be unable to increase your monthly revenue sharing earnings.

If your account balance is negative at the end of the month, you will not be eligible for commissions until you get it to a positive balance. In addition, BK8 Affiliates offers a reward system for webmasters that exhibit the highest level of devotion to their effort. Depending on how many new clients you bring in and how much money they deposit, your monthly earnings might be anything from SGD 100 to SGD 800.

Sub Affiliate’s Commission

In the case of BK8 Affiliates, the commission rate for sub-affiliates is set at 10%. Because you already have access to this choice, it is not essential in any manner to investigate any sub-affiliation plans in order to go forward with this option. Any webmaster who signs up as a consequence of your promotion of the affiliate programme will have their commissions deducted from your total right away.

Several Different Payment Options

BK8 On the 5th and 7th of each month, affiliates must handle payments only via bank wire transfers. A hundred Singapore dollars (SGD) or its foreign money equivalent is needed at the very least. Withdrawals must be made well in advance of the set date each month to ensure that payments are processed efficiently.

There are many payment options to choose from, options available include bank wire transfers, crypto wallets, and PayPal. There is a possibility of winning as little as thirty dollars, or its equivalent in another currency, if you play the game.

Banners And Other Affiliate Tools Made Available By BK8

BK8 Affiliates gives high-quality promotional materials to its affiliates, boosting the possibility that their target demographic will join the affiliate’s business in minutes. Every affiliate who enters the scheme is provided access to a complete toolkit that offers a wide range of materials, such as banners, links, and content tailored around facebook integration, among others.

You will have an easier and faster time enrolling into the initiative if you avoid showing anything that may be perceived as racist, discriminatory, or violent. Since this is a severe rule breach, your application will be automatically denied. Remember that individuals from nations where betting is prohibited would not contribute toward the earnings, so bear this in mind when you are putting up your site. Keep in mind that the commissions would only apply to players residing in countries wherever betting is allowed.

Who May Join BK8 And How Can They Do It?

When compared to other casinos’ registration processes, BK8 Agency’s is rather simple. In order to qualify as a BK8 agent, one must meet a number of requirements, any one of which is adequate on its own. This is probably the most significant condition just to become a BK8 agent.

According to BK8 policy, the executives of the agents will review, approve, and verify all registrant agent registrations within three working days. Before commission payments may be paid, it is needed to set up financial transactions for both solo agents and group agents. This measure is necessary not only for the owners of the collective agent, but also for the collective agent itself. Investors that care about BK8 and want to speak for the company deserve their own website and discussion forum, no matter the setting.

Closing Remarks

Becoming an online casino affiliate is simple. In many situations, you might earn extra money while working little or not at all. After picking successful advertising materials and registering with one of the BK8 affiliate programmes, let the internet handle the rest. Respectable casinos have affiliates ready to support you with any player account worries or difficulties. Online gaming is the best way to make money online.

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