BK8 Affiliate Program Review (2022)


BK8 is a major supplier of various gaming-related services all around Asia. The centralised online gaming platform provides easy access to many games from different genres, including sports betting, online casinos, slot machines, and many more. BK8’s mission is to provide a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs by providing access to a wide variety of online gaming options in a safe and secure environment.

In this post, we’ll discuss the BK8 affiliate programme, its benefits and drawbacks, and the steps you need to do to join up and generate your affiliate link.

How Does The BK8 Affiliate Program Work?

Affiliate marketers who are interested in promoting BK8 services via referral URL links are invited to join the BK8 affiliate programme.

Affiliates may earn fees from the betting actions of players linked to BK8 websites through promotional efforts on YouTube, social media, blogs, and podcasts. This means that the affiliate may continue to profit from suggesting new members for the rest of their lives in the form of commissions.

How To Earn Money From The Program?

If you sign up to be an affiliate for the BK8 programme, you’ll get a specific affiliate code. Each individual code will be recognised by the BK8 site’s computer system, and from there, your commission for referring viewers to the BK8 site will be calculated.

Please find below a detailed, instructional guide on how to enrol in the BK8 affiliate programme.

1# Sign up for an account

Go ahead and sign up for an account by registering on the main page. The next step is to fill out the online registration form to make a brand-new account. The affiliate ID should be copied so that your links are easily distinguishable from those of other affiliates.

2# Register your details

Accurately completing all required fields is necessary before moving further. The existence of a website, page, blog, or forum devoted to the topic of online gambling is likely to be beneficial. The BK8 affiliate will evaluate your request on an individual basis if you do not own a website.

3# Registration Successfully Completed

If your account is accepted after you submit the form, you will be notified by email.

The Percentage Of Compensation

You will get commissions according to the volume of wagering activity and the number of active gamers on the site. The greater the number of contributing members you bring in, the larger your commission.

The monetary losses incurred by recommended players when participating in any of the games available on the BK8 website, including fishing games, live casinos, and online slot games, is referred to as the Total Member Loss.

For any given month, “total active player” is the sum of all players who have logged in and are currently participating in any games.

Poker players are excluded from the commission structure.

A partner’s commission rate will stay at the lowest tier for the next month unless they meet the qualifications for moving up to the next tier.

Positive Revenue

When your referrals result in a positive income for BK8, you will get a percentage of that profit. If the member has incurred $18,000 in losses, for instance, the total cost would be $1,800.

Here are the percentage breakdowns for the commission:

USD $18,000 – USD $1,800 * 40% Commission = USD $6,480 (Commission)

Negative Revenue

When BK8 incurs a loss as a result of your referrals, we report a negative revenue. If a member’s monthly winnings are $18,000 and the total charge is $1,800, then the member’s monthly winnings would be $18,000.

As can be seen in the table below, the computations are as follows:

Foregone Profits Equal (Member Total Winning – Member Total Fees) x Commission Rate Percent (USD -18,000 – USD 1,800) x 40% = USD $7,920 (Carry forward)

Negative amounts from one month will automatically roll over into the next month. Your future earnings will be reduced by the amount of the negative balance you have carried forward.

The Commission for Sub-Affiliates

When you refer new affiliates to the BK8 programme, you’ll earn a 10% referral fee in addition to the direct affiliate commissions we give you.

Paid in whole for the month

The following is an example of how to arrive at the total monthly payment.

Direct commission = $6,000 USD

1st sub-affiliate commission earning = $3,000 USD

2nd sub-affiliate commission earning = $ 5,000USD

Total Commission = Direct Commission + (Sub-affiliate’s Commission*10%)

Total commission = $6000 + [($3000 + $5000) *10%] = $6800

How Does One Get Their Commission?

Monthly commission payments will be sent in the currency you pick when creating your account.

Within three business days of the affiliate submitting a withdrawal request, the affiliate’s commissions will be transferred into their bank account. You may only withdraw a certain amount, which is currently MYR100, THB1000, or IDR1000. The remainder each month will be carried over to the next one if it is less than this amount.

As An Affiliate, Why Should You Consider Joining The BK8 Programme?

Registering Online Is Quick, Easy, and Completely Free

The sign-up procedure is quick and painless. The application process entails nothing more than filling out the provided form in its entirety and sending it back. In addition to being quick and easy, the absence of any payment fees sets this affiliate programme apart from the competition.

Regular Monthly Payments are Required

Payments are made automatically on a monthly basis once the BK8 system has your payment details for advertising the website.

Permanent Income

Affiliates may make a respectable side income with this scheme, and it requires next to no work on their part.

In order to consistently get your commission from BK8, you must recommend at least one player member who is actively playing the game.

Highest Affiliate Partnership Profit Potential

Affiliates may earn 40% on direct referrals and 10% on any other products sold via the BK8 website. This is a commission structure used by some of the best online casinos.

Commissions are paid on a per-member basis, and it is up to you to bring in new members to increase your earnings potential. So, the more individuals they get to sign up for the scheme, the more money they make.

Safety and Protection

BK8 has a two-factor authentication function and 128-encrypted features that are resistant to hacker activists, ensuring the security of all players’ and members’ data. International gambling companies like Gaming Curacao have granted BK8 their online gambling licence and master licence for gaming platforms. Players should not worry about their personal information, safety, or compliance with the law. Hence, this makes BK8 Affiliates the safest online casino affiliate program.

Wrapping Up the BK8 Affiliate Program

There are other networks and businesses that pay well for affiliate promotion but need an upfront investment.

BK8 is a legitimate platform since it has a valid licence and always pays its affiliates on schedule. There is a lot of interest in this programme because of the high commission payout structure. Referring a friend is all that’s required.

Whenever you need assistance, you may reach the BK8 support staff via the website.

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