Bitcoin Trophy: The Perfect Gift for Bitcoin OGs and Crypto Whales


Guess what: you were right all this time. When your family members and friends were making fun of you for investing in cryptocurrency, and when you have to read propaganda made by FUD’ers and bankers claiming that Bitcoin will tank to $0 anytime soon – all this time, you kept hodling your coins with iron hands.

They were wrong, you were right. You did really good. Maybe it’s time to reward yourself?

No, we’re not trying to sell you a lambo (perhaps you already got one). But what we’re offering is almost as cool as a lambo, and it’s also a clear message to the world: Bitcoin is here to stay, and the only way is up, all the way to the moon!

Bitcoin Trophy: An Ideal Status Symbol For a Wealthy Blockchain Investor

Bitcoin is often called the digital gold. BTC and gold are similar in many ways: unlike fiat, both Bitcoin and gold are immune to inflation, and they both are very valuable.

We all know that Bitcoin is a better store of value than gold (if you disagree try quickly transferring $1,000,000 in gold bullion to another continent, I’ll wait). But there’s one advantage that gold has over Bitcoin: it’s shiny, and it looks really nice.

You can’t put your bitcoins on your shelf to enjoy looking at them from time to time, just to remind yourself of how smart you were by investing in digital currency while everyone else was spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

No, Bitcoin Trophy is not one of these silly “physical Bitcoin” coins you always see on stock photos. Bitcoin Trophy is not a gadget – it’s a unique luxury item, a work of art made of precious materials to fit the elite tastes of wealthy crypto OGs, veteran traders and Bitcoin whales.

Sounds Awesome, What’s It Made Of?

Bitcoin Trophy is a big, heavy statue made exclusively of the best available materials. The base of the statue is made of marble. The body of Bitcoin Trophy is made of high quality metals and finished with 24k gold.

Bitcoin Trophy is fully customizable, so that you can turn it into your own personalized physical NFT. Customizable engraving allows you to add any phrase you’d like to the trophy. Maybe you want to engrave the date on which you bought your first bitcoins, or add your personal motto? Sky’s the limit!

That’s Cool, I Want One

Do you think you are ready to reward yourself for your blockchain gains? Maybe you know a crypto fanatic who deserves to be recognized for his passion for cryptocurrency?

Or maybe you just want to look at HD pictures of Bitcoin Trophy to admire how beautiful it is. Whatever’s the case, you can find more details about Bitcoin Trophy on our website. And remember: the only way forward is up, all the way to the moon!

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