Bidet toilets. Typical doubts when choosing. Breaking myths about bidet toilets.


Recently, the use of the bidet toilet is becoming more and more relevant. But the growing popularity also leads to a lot of doubts. We decided to look into this and came to visit GEBERIT’s chief technician. In order to answer all the questions and deal with these doubts.

Despite the fact that the bidet toilet seat has been on the market for quite some time, there are still doubts and preconceptions about how good they are and how convenient they are to use in everyday life. Today we will try to dispel all doubts and answer the frequently asked questions.

The first thing people say is that bidet toilets are very large, massive and ugly. I understand where this question comes from. But look at our toilet bowl models. You can see that they are all elegant and not at all massive.  Some models even seem to float above the ground.  We managed to achieve this. The latest GEBERIT models look more and more like regular toilets. 

You can recognize it as a smart toilet only by opening the lid. Many models do not even have buttons – it’s an ordinary toilet. Many models do not even have buttons – they are ordinary toilets. These models are controlled by remote control or with your smartphone.

 Great doubts

Now let’s move on to the doubts that concern the control. The most important part of the bidet toilet is the flushing nozzle. And here is where a lot of questions arise. First of all about hygiene. How clean is it? How hygienic is it when we are going to wash ourselves. 

The fact is that the nozzle uses clean drinking water. The same water that we pour every morning from the tap into the kettle. That is, the water is perfectly clean. It meets all sanitary standards. The nozzle, before extending, is washed with the very clean water in several positions. When the nozzle extends and washes you, it’s perfectly clean. Studies show that there have never been any infections from the nozzle in the history of bidet toilets.

As for the washing process itself, some have doubts that the water reflected from the human body can get back to the nozzle, and thus we wash with not so clean water anymore. I understand your doubts, but I can tell you that the risk of such water is minimized. The specially designed angle of extension of the nozzle will allow you to minimize the risk. Also, as I said before, each nozzle is washed repeatedly before being extended and before being retracted inside again. Two times in different positions before it is retracted and two more times after it is finished. In other words, the nozzle is flushed four times between uses. This ensures that the nozzle is perfectly clean. Modern models of toilets with bidet function have an additional option to save water. It is enough not 6 liters, but only 4 liters to completely and properly clean the entire bowl of the toilet bowl.

All bidet toilets are connected to electricity. And people ask, what if the power goes out? Will they be able to use the toilet?

We live in the 21st century. Power outages shouldn’t be the norm. But sometimes it happens. In the event of a power outage, nothing will happen to your toilet. It will be used by you as a simple toilet. Unfortunately, the bidet function will not be available at that time, but as a toilet bowl it will work just as great. By the way also save water, because the turbo flush system saves water. That is, this situation will not put anyone in some uncomfortable uncomfortable position. Of course the comfort function will decrease slightly, but the toilet bowl will work like a Swiss watch.

Toilet bidet combo are equipped with heated seats. Some users have doubts that these seats will look good long enough. Many have experienced that the seat yellowing over time.

In the past, manufacturers didn’t use as reliable and high-quality materials as we are used to. Seats can indeed yellow over time just because of the use of heating. Nowadays, duroplast is used for the production of seats, which does not turn yellow for decades. Therefore, seat heating will not cause the lid to yellow even after a few years.  

In many regions of the United States, the water is quite hard. Residents of these regions have doubts about the performance of the bidet toilet. What happens if you use hard water? Will there be any problems? What kind of deposits, fouling, and so on.  Wouldn’t it make it difficult for the fine mechanisms of the nozzle to work?

This can really make the bidet toilet difficult to operate. But now, in most cases, there is a special function to clean all the deposits. If you do not clean, over time, all the tubes will overgrow with calcium salts and gradually the permeability in these tubes will simply disappear. Now there is a cleaning function with a special solution of calcium salts.

The last issue that stops many people from buying this device is the price. It is quite expensive.

Quality things are rarely cheap. This is the reality of our lives.  One model may be more expensive than another, but for every user we have an offer. You can get cheaper and with a smaller set of features or more expensive, but nevertheless the toilet with a bidet function is the pinnacle of comfort. If you compare the normal toilet plus a bidet and a bidet toilet, the cost is comparable. But it must be remembered, a person who at least once used the toilet with a bidet function, will lose interest in the simple toilets. 

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