Best Useful Android Apps


The Android operating system can please users with dozens (if not hundreds) of useful programs, but there is no point in installing them all on a smartphone. The user must start from his needs, type of activity, vital interests, etc. But still, there are some applications that are among the best and most requested businesstodaysnews. First of all, we are talking about:

  • AirDroid. This program allows you to synchronize the gadget with a laptop or personal computer. The application is distinguished by fast and high-quality connection between devices and wide functionality.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Android version allows you to view PDF documents on any device.
  • Snapchat. Thanks to this service, you can send photos to friends and acquaintances, but its main feature is that the images appear for only a few seconds, after which they are automatically deleted. This way, users can send the most daring images without worrying about the consequences.
  • Skype. One of the most popular and demanded applications in the world. With it, users can chat, make calls, share photos and videos. All history is saved on the server.
  • One of the best antiviruses that scans apps and other files installed on your smartphone for malware. In addition, the service warns users about dangerous sites, it provides SMS and call filters, and also has a practical task manager.

The market for mobile applications for Android is developing at such a rapid pace that not all users can keep abreast of all the innovations. If we talk about new products and other useful information in the world of mobile gambling, then one of the most informative resources in this direction is the site

Increase Productivity

Modern companies and corporations are constantly looking for solutions that would increase the productivity of employees and their interaction at different levels. Increasingly, management resorts to the use of special applications that allow you to discover new opportunities and systematize all work processes. Among them are:

  • The program has a simple and intuitive interface with the ability to organize ideas and at the same time track the progress of the workflow. The service has integration with more than 150 popular applications, which allows you to organize work anywhere in the world.
  • In many global corporations, this service is considered one of the most important tools for solving various problems and interaction between employees. It allows you to create different channels for projects and staff. Special attention should be paid to the wide possibilities for remote teams (for example, users can make voice and video calls, share the screen, send files of different formats, etc.).
  • The functionality of the application allows you to create different projects and manage them from start to finish, and also facilitates communication between teams, managing them and tracking their actions. Asana has the ability to create groups for each department, add new features and tasks at different stages of the workflow.

There are many such programs, but each company chooses the application that best suits it in terms of the number of employees famousmagazinenow, functions performed, employment and other criteria.

Media and Entertainment

The entertainment direction is in great demand among users and it is not surprising that software developers are trying to fully satisfy their demand. One of the most popular apps is MX player. According to the creators of this service, it is best suited for watching movies. The service provides hardware acceleration, subtitle gestures, zoom, multi-core decoration, child lock, etc.

In turn, the YouTube application, which is considered one of the most popular and in demand in the world, needs no introduction. This portal contains a huge number of video files of various thematic directions. Users can create their own channels, create playlists, subscribe and perform many other actions.

The HotStar application is aimed at a wide audience. There is a huge catalog of different films, sports broadcasts and TV shows, which is constantly updated. It is noteworthy that access to files is provided free of charge knowcarupdate.

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