Best Tools for Web Developers


If you want to master the fundamental and necessary qualifications and skills to become a web developer, then you are in the right place. Before you start, you need to know that it is easy to begin your web developer journey, but if you want to become an expert, it will be one wild ride. Becoming a professional web developer will be very difficult, and you will need to be ready for consistent learning and commitment. But you can always help yourself master it faster by using excellent tools. The only problem with these tools is that there are a lot of them. Because of that, we will provide you with the 5 best tools for web developers, which will make your learning easier, especially if you are a beginner.


First on our list is an awesome resetting tool named WP Reset. With it, you can reset your work and database to its default configuration settings without changing existing data immediately. WP Reset has a feature called Automatic Snapshots, which saves your websites in regular increments or before making any big changes. You can use it to preserve both the plugins or themes that were modified or removed. It will help you if anything unexpected happens. All you need to do is restore those snapshots with a single click.

Emergency Recovery Script is incorporated into WP Reset and enriches its use. In case of emergencies, it will assist you by analyzing core files and reinstalling them, controlling plugins and themes, ensuring that user privileges and roles are appropriate, dealing with the white screen of death, and any other problem that may occur.


If there are unwanted and anticipated outcomes in a particular circumstance, Chrome DevTools is often used to discover and locate issues behind HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by troubleshooting them. It helps front-end developers to diagnose problems directly in their browsers without having to see the real code, and you can view the improvements and changes right away. Everyone should use it, especially anyone who uses Chrome as their primary browser. Users can utilize it to determine where information is loaded from, evaluate the results in loading pages, and troubleshoot configuration errors.


This one is for all of you guys using MacOS. Even though it’s native to Mac, this tool has a web app and a mobile one, so fear not. Sketch is a powerful tool that will allow you to quickly and efficiently design any type of image. From icons to game sprites, Sketch can do it all. As we already mentioned, Sketch is used to create vector images, made easy with a beautiful and efficient GUI. Other than the standard drawing and editing features, Sketch also lets you play around with Boolean operations. But the best part of Sketch is its lightning-fast export, or even better, the ability to collaborate with other users on the same project in real-time.


Sublime Text is a simple to use and a helpful tool that is amongst the most widely used code editors for a good reason. While doing your job, you can easily get lost in your code, but this tool will make your life easier with its features. Sublime Text performs an extremely good job with color coding and making code highly understandable. With this tool, you can incorporate text and code, navigate the cursor to the wanted location, and choose multiple lines, words, and columns.


Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets takes the idea of using CSS and putting in certain programming structures that make it easier to deal with working on your online projects. There are several little data structures and functions that you can incorporate into your CSS to make it much easier to handle while working in an online environment. SASS bridges the gap between knowing HTML and CSS and diving into JavaScript. You may also use it to begin teaching kids basic data structures.


If you have a desire to become a web developer and if you are looking for the best way to pursue that goal, then hopefully, this article helped guide you. We have listed 5 tools that will simplify your learning experience and make you more productive. We know that it is easy to get lost in the sea of different tools because we have once been there ourselves. And now, the only thing left is to try some of the listed tools and see which one will suit you the most.

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