Best Tire Options for Electric UTVs


So, you just scored a sweet deal on an electric UTV. Or you’re thinking about an electric SxS and you’re checking out available gear options before you buy. Either way, you probably want to swap out its factory tires. Thankfully, there are several options for cheap UTV tires that deliver great performance on an electric side-by-side. The key is knowing what type to purchase. This guide explains what’s out there – and what you need to consider when getting tires for an electric UTV.

Best Tire Upgrade for Your UTV

To choose the best electric UTV tires, you should understand electric off-road vehicles differ from standard gas-powered versions. Electric UTVs weigh more because their engines run on pure electric power. For example, the Polaris Ranger EV has a single 48-volt AC induction motor. That motor is powered by a traditional lead-acid battery and has a 30 HP capability. Its dry weight is around 1,700 pounds.

Let’s compare that with a gas-powered equivalent – the 2021 Polaris Ranger 500. That model has a 32 HP engine and weighs around 1,000 pounds. As you can see, the Ranger EV weighs 700 pounds more than the Ranger 500. More engine power is required to move the EV, which in turn consumes battery power. And that makes going over extreme terrain or very steep inclines impractical.

Your new machine excels best in the backcountry, on your farm or on other lightly challenging terrain. So, what does this mean for electric UTV tires? You’ll probably get your best mileage out of multi-terrain modes like M1 Evil tires. Manufactured by AMS, the M1 Evil contains a durable puncture-resistant natural rubber compound designed for long-lasting wear. It sports 1-inch tread with blocks closely spaced together to give you superior traction on in forests, deserts or the wilderness.

The M1 Evil tire is also versatile. Designed for multipurpose use, this non-directional radial tire comes in both 6-ply and 8-ply versions. It’s also DOT-approved for both on-and off-road use.

How To Improve Your UTV Experience

Even in an electric UTV, you can still benefit from other types of upgrades. If you don’t already have a winch, you need one – yesterday. You still may run into trouble on less challenging terrain, and a winch is a helpful piece of equipment to have. You’ll just need to be judicious when it comes to battery power. Both QuadBoss and Warn offer some excellent winches in 2,000-, 2,500- and 5,000-pound capacities. When mounted and connected correctly, you have pulling power available at your fingertips. Other possible upgrades include body pieces like side and rear view mirrors or double-tube bumpers.

Aftermarket manufacturers are developing more gear as electric UTVs grow in popularity. Meanwhile, you may also have a gas-powered UTV that needs upgrades. UTV exhaust mods are a great way to get improved power and sound out of your machine. Some top brands include FMF, HMF, Big Gun and Bikeman. And whether you need parts for an electric or gas-powered side-by-side, be sure to shop at a trusted dealer of aftermarket motorcycle, ATV and UTV gear.

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