When it comes to sneakers trends in 2022, the key highlights showcase the resurgence of the past styles, and considering how trends are just a cyclical process, it’s a given that most of the trends are likely to come and go by the season. It may not be as dynamic as fashion trends, but it’s no surprise that sneaker culture sees some quick changes as well. Over the past years, sneakers have found their sartorial footing in the fashion industry and have become an essential element of men’s wardrobe. Thanks to the founding father, Converse All-start, which was the first ever sneakers that were ever released in 1917.

During that period, Converse All Star enjoyed popularity and were primarily termed as basketball shoes. The shoes also reigned with the tag of official basketball shoes for the Olympic games for over 30 years. Since then, the sneaker trend has diversified in terms of style, versatility, and comfort that any other shoe can’t match. The progression of sneaker culture is unquestionable with top brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Puma, launching new styles every season. While it’s not necessarily required to dig into what’s trending out there, staying abreast of today’s style and fashion trends will surely help you stay updated without falling into the fashion victim hole.

New trends may arise now and then, but only a few possess the staying power as a mainstay fashion. So without wasting time let’s touch on this year’s sneaker trends for men.

What are the best sneaker trends?

The men’s sneakers trend in 2021, indulged in styles that mostly highlighted performance, minimalism, suede detailing, and artistic accents. Some of the biggest players that dominated both the fashion trend and sales charts included popular numbers like Nike Air Force 1 Low, Air Jordan 1, Adidas NMD R1, and Yeezy 350 v2.

Even though the end of the year is just about to end there’s still plenty of time to get excited about the ongoing sneakers trend as sneakers are not limited to just one season. Be it summer, autumn, winter, or any other season, these trends likely seamlessly work with any seasonal wardrobe. So on that note, listed below are some of the biggest trends in the category of sneakers for men. From outdoor-inspired launchers to some iconic comeback of past styles, see what this is trending in the current sneakers world.

Minimalistic Whites

When it comes to minimalistic kicks, all-white sneakers top the list because of the versatility that it provides. White sneakers banks such minimalistic essence that has earned them the position of a seasonless closet must-have. Not only are they versatile enough to dress up or down depending on the outfit choices, but they are also timeless and can be worn any time throughout the year. Moreover, when it comes to basics, classic white and black sneakers are something people often opt for.

Over the years, the minimalistic popularity of all-white sneakers has soared so much that it has paved the way for the minimalistic movement for other sneakers. You can easily find a classic pair online, with stores like 6th street offering the most exquisite numbers. Besides that this online store also offers a 6th Street Discount Code, which can be used to avail of huge discount deals on your sneakers’ purchase.

Classic Retro Style

This year’s sneaker trend is all about retro style. While many new styles are released now and then, today’s sartorial mainstream has been hit by some old classics in varied semblance. Inspired by the 1990s and early 2000s, the vintage designs of the old-school aesthetic have given a refreshing dash to today’s sneaker scene. And with top athletic brands such as New Balance, Nike, Saucony, and Adidas releasing and re-releasing their retro kick line, the classic retro is not going anyway for a while.

High-top sneakers

Ever since Air Jordan was launched during the 80s and 90s, the hype for high-top sneakers has been growing more and more. They are the perfect style to dig for that effortless and laid-back look, especially when paired with tonal and cool tailoring. From street style to runaways, these sneaker trend is making a fashion statement on every platform. Moreover, there’s something about the stamp of extra height that makes them an everyday go-to pair. Apart from that, they not only elevate your outfit to the next level but also offers an unmatched classic edge. There are a lot of options available for every style preference, and looking at how these sneakers are timeless, versatile, and comfortable, they are a closet must-have.

Chunky Sole Style

The chunky sole sneakers trending heavily this year in the sneaker scene. At the time of their release, the chunky sole style sneakers were knitted around embedding a very minimalistic silhouette, however this time the tonal style is obnoxiously loud, especially when it comes to colors and designs. However, there are still options that are wearable, like styles in neutral tones. If you’re someone who likes getting out of their comfort zones, then this style is worth trying. And if you’re someone who likes to be on the safer side, then go with the minimalistic options.

Slip-on sneakers

Comfort is the key feature of slip-on sneakers which is why this trend never goes away. With retro style becoming the focal point of today’s fashion scenario, we’re getting to see a retro vibe embedded in slip-on sneakers. This sneaker trend has been around for some time now, thanks to their versatility to provide both style and comfort. Additionally, they are also seasonless, which means you can wear them any time of the year. With them, laces are the least of your worries and can exquisitely complement any outfit styling. Their stronghold in the fashion scene is so strong that no fleeting trend can remove them from their spot.

Color Blocks

The spring/summer fashion trend was mostly dominated by stunning colors. We got to see top brands embracing the most lovely color tones such as soft lilac, sky blue, hot pink, green, neon yellow, and of course the color of the year Very Peri. Most fashion launches embedded these shades as their mainstays, and it’s no different for the sneakers culture as well. So, if you want to make a strong fashion statement, opt for color-block sneakers. Even though the spring/summer is over, a pop of color during the fall and winter seasons will create an iconic style. You don’t always need to stick to just basic colors like black and white, fashion is always about experimenting and trying new trends and styles.


When it comes to fashion dud in the category of men’s sneakers, dad shoes were one of them. Apart from being just comfortable, dad shoes were avoided for valid reasons like uncool, old-fashioned, and dowdy. The only good thing about them was the comfort and stability they provided were unmatched. However, since the fashion scene is mostly influenced by retros, dad shoes are making a comeback. With this shift in sneaker proportions in the industry, the downright geriatric design of dad shoe styles is a definite must-have in men’s wardrobes. Moreover, with various new alterations up for grabs, there’s a perfect pair for everyone.

With that number, our list of men’s sneakers 2022 trends concludes here, and we hope that this article successfully provided some insights on what’s trending in men’s sneakers and what’s not. With the augment of online shopping services, you can fulfill all your fashion needs within just a few clicks. And with sites like CouponCodesMe offering versatile discount codes such as Victoria’s Secret Promo Code, Carrefour Promo Code, and more, you can enjoy the benefit of online shopping to the maximum. It’s important to note that fashion trends are dynamic, so keeping up with every trend is difficult. Moreover, not every trend fits our bucket list, so it’s not required to follow every trend. When fashion is considered, the smartest thing to do is to recognize your style and always stick to it no matters what trend comes and goes.

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