Best Sith Lord Inspired Gifts


We’ve all heard Darth Vader’s menacing voice, but did you know that the world’s favorite Sith Lord has, in some aspect or another, been played by 10 actors over the years?

Ever since Star Wars first premiered in 1977, people have obsessed over the fantastic universe of Jedi and Sith lords. From the menagerie of alien species to the likable heroes and terrifying villains, there’s so much about the series to love.

As much as we love heroes, villains are often far more interesting, which is why we’re here to discuss some of the coolest gifts to get for the aspiring Sith lord at home.

Sith Action Figures

If your loved one wants Darth Vader, give them Darth Vader, or at least a small replica. This is an especially great gift if the person in question is a child. Now, they can have hours of fun reenacting their favorite movies or creating new adventures

Darth Vader is just one option. Virtually any character you can think of, including Sith lords, has been immortalized in a plastic figure. Whether your favorite Sith is Vader, Darth Maul, or Kylo Ren, it’s out there.

Whether you want to play with the action figures or keep them as collectibles, they’re a welcome gift for any fan.

Star Wars Legos

The greatest decision Lego ever made was, probably, taking inspiration from popular franchises. Though the company has made models from several series, Star Wars has probably been their most lucrative.

Not only has there been a whole slew of Lego Star Wars playsets, but there have also been keychains, ornaments,  clocks, and a handful of video games based on the movies.

It’s not hard to see why, either. Where else can you find gigantic space stations, fast-paced saber duels, and a galaxy full of adventure? One of the most fascinating sets is the infamous Death Star. Canonically about one-eighth the size of our moon, your loved one can build their own 1.3 ft-by 1.3 ft version.

Model Lightsaber

If you could have anything from Star Wars, what would you want? You probably just said ‘lightsaber, ‘because who doesn’t want a lightsaber?

There’s no shortage of toy lightsabers on the market, but sometimes you need something a little higher caliber. That’s where custom model lightsabers come in, like the Palpatine lightsaber. They’re quite expensive, but it’s absolutely worth it, especially since you can design your own.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved one’s big day, look no further.

The Ultimate Gifts for the Sith Lord in Your Life

Sometimes, we all just want to play as the bad guy, and the Sith lords from Star Wars are some of the coolest villains ever. If you’ve got a wannabe Sith lord in your life, we can help you find some excellent gifts for them.

We’ve talked about some of our favorite gifts in this article, but there are far more possibilities, so many that they could fill up entire books. If you want to know more about gifts and various lifestyle topics please visit our site.

We have far more than science fiction, too. We can tell you about the benefits of reading spy novels.

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