Best recharge offers & deals to check before making payments


India is the second-largest populated nation in the world. Accordingly, it is also home to some of the biggest cellular operators in the world because you need robust service providers to service such a large population. Of these, BSNL and Jio are the front-runners. With 424.84 million subscribers and about 500.27 million active users, the latter is the leading telecom operator in the country today. BSNL or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is close to follow with 113.45+ million subscribers and 57.08+ million active users. It is also the only government-owned service provider that works under the aegis of the Department of Telecommunications.

All the four biggest telecom operators in the country offer some great and impressive prepaid and postpaid plans. Unbelievably low on budget, suitable for your pocket with amazing inclusions and service points – you get some amazing offers from your cellular operators. The only thing is that you should know of these; for example, as a BSNL subscriber, you must know about BSNL offers – or else, how will you choose or change your existing plans.

Ways to know of Recharge offers

1. Offline method

The ideal solution is to visit Airtel or Jio’s physical store in a location near to your place and ask the customer support staff about the varied plans they have. If not, you can read through the pamphlets, brochures, and other marketing materials that brands print to know more about their recharge plans. If this seems a bit wayward for you, you still have the option to sit in the office or home and call up the toll-free number of your operator and listen to the customer support executive telling you about all the available options.

Sounds interesting? Probably not! After all, who has the patience and energy to read a pamphlet or listen to a voice telling you about the various plans? And, even if you have all energy and time in the world to do so, is it practically possible to read through the entire leaflet or listen to the customer support team and remember all the plans, back to back, compare all the details, and let choose the right one. Until and unless you are free the entire day and have only one objective in life- to get the most optimized recharge plan for your mobile – therefore, not a practical solution.

Before moving on and discussing the next section, it is important to mention that most subscribers and users of Airtel and Jio would use this method to learn about recharge plans until about a few years back. But, with the introduction of the second method, things have changed and for the better too! Let us see how!

2. Online method

The online method of payment was introduced to the Indian population about a couple of years back. Great things have happened ever since! At least in the lives of the common man because the online method has changed the way we work through our daily lives. Take the case of recharging your mobile and getting every last detail about the recharge plans offered by your operator. It takes only a few minutes to browse through the details of recharge offers. You do not need to remember any detail to compare prices or inclusions. Every detail is there right in front of you, on the small screen of your mobile.  Knowing about Jio recharge plans has never been this easy before. Once you do your research and gather all relevant details, finishing Jio recharge online is a matter of a few minutes or seconds at the most.

With all information right there for you to read and browse through any time, you can keep checking and cross-checking to make the right decision about your choice further. All in all, it helps save your time, energy, and patience levels giving you enough to go through your day conveniently. With the knowledge that you have picked the right recharge plan for the month!


Internet and online medium – convenience is thy name! We can safely say this because it has made our lives way simpler than it was till a few years back. Let’s adapt to this new medium-fast so that we can all benefit from its presence!

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