Best Places to Visit in Greece For Beach Holidays


Visiting the island of Greece for a beach holiday doesn’t have to mean you have to go to the popular islands of Naxos, Mykonos, and Santorini Greece. Instead, take a break in some of the lesser-known islands, such as Lefkada, and Crete. These destinations all boast stunning beaches and are great for families.

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Mykonos is a contrasting island with two very distinct areas. One is a cosmopolitan town inside the island, and the other is a quiet and laid-back spot outside the town. Over a million tourists visit this island each year, but there are two types of accommodation available on the island. One type of accommodation offers a luxurious stay with all the luxuries and facilities that you’d expect from a luxury resort.

In Mykonos Town, you’ll find the popular Megali Ammos Beach, while a more secluded and rugged Megali Sostis Beach is a quieter, less crowded beach. This beach is ideal for soaking up the atmosphere and experiencing Mykonos as a local. You’ll feel as though you’re on a Greek island, complete with choppy waves and a rugged, natural feel.

While Mykonos Greece is a beach destination, it also has a rich cultural history. The town’s quaint and traditional streets are lined with tiny boutiques and picture-perfect restaurants. It is home to the famous Aegean Maritime Museum. While you’re in Mykonos, you can explore the island’s history and culture at the nearby ancient site of Delos.

In addition to the many beaches, Mykonos Town has many high-end hotels and many of them are five-star resorts. Mykonos’ southern coast is also protected from the meltemi, a strong dry north wind that blows most of the day. There are also many water taxi routes between these beaches. The bus and water taxi routes allow you to move between them easily. Ornos Beach is ideal for families, while Platis Gialos is great for beginning swimmers.


Known for its laid-back atmosphere and stunning coastline, Lefkada is the perfect destination for beach lovers who want to enjoy a holiday without the usual crowds. The island is accessible by car and offers a range of activities including hiking, water sports, and sailing. However, the west coast is exposed to windy conditions, which isn’t a big deal if you are a beach bum. You can also opt for organised boat tours that allow you to enjoy the island’s cool winds and sheltered bays.

The weather on Lefkada is typically Mediterranean, with hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures are mild throughout the year, with temperatures varying between 23 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees. In April, May, and September are the best months to visit. However, if you are looking for the perfect weather, June and July are ideal for beach holidays.

The island of Lefkada has a rich history. The island was once a pirate haven and had a medieval Venetian castle. Atop the hillside, you can walk through the ruins of this castle, or climb up the hill to the Faneromeni monastery for spectacular views of the island’s Aghios Ioannis and Gyra lagoons.

You’ll find some of the island’s best beaches on the west side. The first beach is called Mikros Gialos and is a Blue Flag winner. A small holiday village is located nearby. You’ll find it covered in pine and evergreen shrub, and the cliffs are well protected from winds. There are also small watersports centres. The coastline of Lefkada is nearly two kilometres long, and the beaches here are popular for swimming and snorkelling.


If you love a good party, Skiathos Island is the place for you. Its island promenade is lined with cafes and bars. You can see where the movie Mamma Mia was filmed – the ferry scene. The small hill on the harbor has the Agios Nikolaos Church & Clock Tower, dedicated to St. Nikolaos, the patron saint of sailors.

You can watch the film Mama Mia in the nearby island of Skopelos, as the movie was filmed on this island. Another attraction of Skiathos is its open-air cinema, where you can enjoy a movie under the stars while singing along to your favorite songs. If you don’t feel like going to the theater, there are also a number of restaurants and cafes in the town.

Skiathos is home to over 60 beaches, with the most beautiful being Koukounaries, which is ranked 7th in the world. Banana Beach is Skiathos’ only Naturist Beach. It’s a wonderful, sheltered beach with a beautiful pine forest in the background. The beaches are accessible by bus or moped, and many have diving centres.

While Skiathos is a beautiful island, it also has some distinctly different aspects. Skiathos offers a surprisingly relaxed way to enjoy a beach holiday. The town itself is a bustling town, but still retains a laidback atmosphere that makes it a perfect destination for a beach holiday. So whether you’re looking for a quieter setting, or a more active one, Skiathos has something for you.

The island is also home to an uninhabited island called Tsougria, which is visible from the town’s clock tower. The island is connected to the Greek Mainland through the small town of Thessaloniki. A public bus service connects Skiathos with mainland Greece, and car rentals are available. Many tourists also hire bicycles to get around. Modern dual carriageways are present in the south of the island.

Naxos and More

There are so many beautiful beaches in Greece. If you’re a beach bum, you’ll be happy to know that there are some hidden gems that are also beautiful. In this article, we’ll highlight a few of these places. Whether you’re planning a beach holiday for two or a family trip, these places have something for everyone. Read on to discover the best places to visit in Greece for a beach holiday.

Ionian Islands. Lefkada is a popular Greek island, located a short ferry ride from Piraeus Port in Athens Greece. The island boasts some of the finest sandy beaches in Greece. However, the inland villages resemble mountain villages in mainland Greece. You’ll find some charming inland towns, including Agia Mavra castle built by Frankish invading forces in the 14th century.

The islands around Corfu are popular with young, fun-loving travelers. However, if you’re looking for quiet and tranquility, then try Kefalonia, Karpathos, or Lefkada. These secluded beaches offer the ideal setting for a relaxing beach holiday. They are all stunningly beautiful and well-known in the Greek islands, but also have charming villages and traditional tavernas.

Crete Greece: The island’s largest city, Chania, is the most lively part of the island, with pristine coves and sandy beaches. Inland, you can explore Europe’s largest gorge and view the Minoan palaces. The coastline of Crete is home to many waterparks and attractions. The best places to visit in Greece for a beach holiday are a mix of ancient ruins and modern beaches.


A visit to Elounda will help you to understand the area and discover the best spots for your beach holiday. You should not miss the picturesque harbour, where you can spot rowing boats and traditional fishing boats. You can also walk south along the harbourfront to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the town and find exclusive restaurants. There is something for everyone here. The town is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day.

The ruins of Elounda are open from 8am until 8pm in the summer. They are not covered, so make sure to wear sensible shoes and bring plenty of water. It takes around two hours to explore the ruins. If you have a background in history, you can visit the ancient ruins. Otherwise, stay in the main village area. You will be able to visit other interesting sites as well.

You can get to Elounda from Heraklion Airport. There are many European car hire companies in Heraklion, and some local companies are even available to meet you at the airport. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from outside the arrivals hall for around 75 Euros. The car hire firms in Elounda also have the ability to meet you at the airport.

If you want to have a more active nightlife, take a taxi to Agios Nicolaos, which is a lively town just 15 minutes’ drive away. There are numerous restaurants and bars, as well as lively nightclubs. Elounda is an ideal place for a beach holiday, but it’s not the only place to visit in Greece.

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