Best Places to Eat on the Gold Coast of Australia


Who doesn’t like to eat in a restaurant? You can forget the stresses of the world while enjoying delicious food and amazing company with friends and family. While companies like Bun Coffee Beans in Gold Coast have you covered at home, here are some brilliant eateries for when you’re away from home!

Rick Shores

Located in Burleigh Heads, one of the best things about Rick Shores is that it’s right on the beach and you’ll look over the stunning views thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. Naturally, an eatery so close to the water focuses on seafood but there’s an Asian twist. The restaurant is known for its Moreton Bay bug roll with Sriracha, but the menu is constantly evolving which means that you’ll try a different mouth-watering dish every time you visit.

Bassk Italian

With all the Italian food you can imagine from pasta to pizza, Bassk Italian has it all in Kirra. Like Rick Shores, you’re not far from the beach which means that the dishes are also complemented by tasty seafood. As well as food, the drink is important in a restaurant, so you’ll be glad to know about the signature cocktails.

Mamasan Kitchen

This time, we’re heading to Broadbeach for another restaurant with an Asian influence. However, you’ll notice that many popular Asian dishes have been given modern improvements. Originally, the head chef worked at China Doll in Sydney before moving to the Gold Coast. Visit Mamasan Kitchen if your mouth waters just thinking about Singapore chilli crab, Wagyu beef bao with kimchi mayo, and Thai sticky pork cheeks.

The Collective

Do you ever argue with your friends about where to eat? One person wants Mexican while another wants Italian. Well, you need The Collective. Based in the old Palm Beach post office, The Collective has a huge seating area serviced by five separate kitchens. As well as Italian and Mexican, you can also order from Australian, Pan-Asian, and other menus. The food is great, but the atmosphere and vibe in the seating area are well worth the trip alone.

Social Eating House

Back to Broadbeach, Social Eating House is another restaurant that has garnered a positive reputation in recent years. The ‘social’ part of the name refers to the sharing style of many of the dishes, and you’ll enjoy cuisine from Italy, Spain, and Australia. Above all else, it’s fair to say that Social Eating House is a master of meat. For example, you might fancy the signature lamb shoulder sharing dish, a meat that’s slow-cooked in yoghurt for no less than 12 hours. Once it hits the table, it falls off the bone and leaves customers drooling.

Jimmy Wah’s

If you’re looking for a lively hub of energy, you’ll find it with Jimmy Wah’s. While enjoying your tasty food, you can add to the lively atmosphere while also enjoying a cocktail. If you’re looking for a quiet meal with the family, this perhaps isn’t the best option. However, the succulent food is based on modern Thai food and those with dietary restrictions will appreciate the many different options.

Miami Marketta

Since this guide is all about places to eat rather than just restaurants, it’s hard to ignore the Miami Marketta. Like The Collective, it’s perfect for a group that can’t decide where to go. You’ll have access to Thai, Spanish, Italian, French, and other cuisines.

Notable mentions include:

  • Iku Yakitori
  • Justin Lane
  • The North Room
  • Bonita Bonita
  • Restaurant Labart
  • Kiyomi
  • Miss Moneypenny’s

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