Best Fall Season Fashion Tips


Fashionistas everywhere have been eagerly waiting for the Fall Fashion line to drop. Trends change, and with it comes a new change in fashion. What was once hot is put on ice, what was once hip has now become old news. Even celebrities are changing their style every season, to look as fabulous as ever! Maybe you’re looking for something fun or sexy this fall season? Perhaps even classic and chic? Or maybe you want to go all out and try the latest trends like animal prints…

Well, search no more! Our top fashion buyer course designers have put their heads together and come up with the latest trends just for you with the help of MandM Direct.

The first amazing trend this season is animal print! Sexy leopard print dresses are all over the runways right now. Leopard prints are sexy, classy, and a perfect way to make it seem like you’re wearing something special apart from everyone else! Of course, if you want to keep it classy and elegant without going overboard on printed clothes or accessories, then be sure to check out our most popular trend of the Fall Season:

Black & White… Or as we like to call it: Basic Black & White ! This season basic black and white items are in style. Whether you mix-match your own combinations or wear the latest fashions, black and white is always in style.

Of course, if you like to stand out in the crowd, then this next fashion trend is perfect for you:

Bright colors!

Reds, pinks, oranges… Whatever your favorite color might be, it’s a sure-fire way to be one of a kind this Fall Season. And don’t forget about the accessories! Hot new items include “Cats” which are basically boots with cat faces on their toe caps. Keep warm and keep stylish all at once! But beware of potential cat fights when going out in public wearing these fun little boots… If you want to see more of our upcoming Fall Fashion trends anyone else does so that you can get the jump on being the fashion “A-List”, be sure to check out our Fashion Site here:

Best fashion wear for Fall Season

Fashion trends seem to change every season. However, they have been known to come back in style after a few years or so. Designers are now designing some of their old styles into new items and selling them at high prices for those who may not know about them. Some dresses that were once considered tacky when worn twenty years ago can now sell for thousands of dollars if they’re still in good condition (not ripped or stained). Other clothing items from shoes, hats, gloves, coats, sweaters etc., can sell anywhere from $100-$1,000+ depending on the type of clothing and how much was produced.

Most stores that sell these items are vintage clothing boutiques that specialize in selling only vintage clothing. Most of these items have tags on them or may even still have the original price tag attached, and can be worn or displayed for decoration purposes as well.

People who sell collectable and vintage clothing claim that there is a difference between the two. Some of the difference between collectable and vintage items come from age. Vintage items are defined as being twenty or more years old, while collectables can be up to five years old. The condition of both types of items plays an important role when it comes to how much they’re worth compared to new clothes. Unique features placed on certain pieces by designers also set them apart in terms of price and value (i.e., design flaws).

Most people who collect these older styles or fashions prefer that their clothing vintage items usually do not care whether they are resold or not because most of the time these items were purchased to add to a collection, which means the more you have the better it looks on a shelf! Some people want to keep their collections intact so they don’t take out pieces except when they’re adding new ones. If somebody has an item that is important to them there’s always the chance, they will wear it when the opportunity presents itself, but buying old clothes that have been worn before is a gamble.

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