Best Email software that makes for efficient time management


Email management has become a necessity because of the increasing load of emails. A lot of individuals and organizations are choosing to invest in good email management softwares. There are different email management tools for different problems but, their only goal is to make email management easy and accessible.

 Best Email Management Softwares

There are a lot of email management tools in the market, and so we have compiled a list of the 9 Best email management softwares for you to choose from.

  1.  Mailman: The only email management software tha allows you to take your inbox to zero  perfectly  in less than a minute. It works well with your Gmail account and unlike any other software does not ask you to change your habits. It lets you run your inbox at your terms. It allows you to function with predetermined slots to make sure that you receive the emails in a predefined time frame only. It is possible to allow certain important senders to bypass your slots. This can be a beneficial feature for your email management strategy. This software also blocks emails from unknown sources but it gives you a summary of those sources so that you can keep a check. It has a premium version which charges you $8/month. 
  2. Yesware: It is an email tracking software which can be used by a sales team. It can also be used by an individual who will benefit from the tracking process as part of their email management tools. Yesware lets the users know how their sent emails were interacted. The interactions can be in the form of open, re-open or delete. This information helps in setting viable email management strategies. Yesware helps with the coordination of various email softwares. You can do this by adding scheduled emails to your calendar which will ensure that you do not miss a single meeting. Yesware offers three different plans: Pro, premium, and Enterprise, starting at $15/month. 
  3. Front: It is one of the most collaborative tools as it combines all sorts of emails and applications. Thus, with Front you can combine all your inboxes to make it a single inbox. This makes email management very easy. It has four different plans, the starter pack, plus pack,  prime pack, and enterprise pack. The charges begin with $9/ month. 
  4. EmailAnalytics: EmailAnalytics can contribute to your effective email management strategy. It helps by producing accurate results of your email usage. It offers you metrics of emails sent, received and email traffic for the hour or day. Understanding the numbers can make you more mindful of the time spent on your inbox. The tool also offers a detailed report of the time spent in the inbox. This enables the individual to keep a better track on productivity. It offers a free trial period of 15 day, and later it charges $15/month. 
  5.  Sortd: It is a project management tool that allows visual depiction of tasks. You can also convert tasks into labels. They can be added or deleted as the tasks are done. You can convert your emails into tasks as this will lead you to a better email management strategy.  It is possible to even group the tasks based on urgency, timeline and department. There is a free version available and it includes Gmail integration, task management and task board containing 3 lists. It offers paid versions as well starting at $6/ month. 
  6. Spam Titan: This email management system is recommended for security and advanced protection. It deals with spam emails, viruses, content filters and more.  It is known for offering 99.99% email protection and cloud service. 
  7. Mailmate: It has made emails functional and convenient. It makes emails mouse oriented and keyboard friendly. This aids email management and productivity both. It also handles cryptographic encryption, automatic signatures and alternative message viewer layouts. It offers a free trial of 30 days, and later a fee of $49.99 is charged. 
  8. Mailbird: Mailbird has the ability to integrate all the email softwares including Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. It syncs the applications to allow smooth work flow through the various inboxes. Apart from email softwares, it has the ability to integrate messaging apps like Slack and task managing apps like Trello. Hence, it serves as an app that can be your one stop solution for email management. However, you need to opt to its own dashboard. You can get more information how to use the best time tracking apps 
  9. Kiwi: Kiwi understands that Gmail is important but extensive as well. Thus, it helps in combining Gmail and all of its counterparts which includes Contacts and Calendars in one desktop application. The app further brings Google Docs and Google sheets associated with the account. Kiwi offers a free trial of 30 days which allows you to use 6 different Gmail accounts. After the trial, it charges a subscription of $9.99/year.   


These email management softwares can improve your efficiency and productivity. Apart from these tools, you can also choose to use email extensions. They act as good email management solutions. However, if you are looking for a sorted email management system, then opt for a software from the list.

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