Comment On Instagram | Techniques to “flirt with girls on Instagram” to be effective!


If you want to flirt with girls creating an excellent profile to be engaging in IG is regarded as an essential weapon. The highlight of IG is mainly sharing beautiful photos, and you have to make the best comment for a girl’s pic on Instagram.

Organizing the profile picture to be attractive

First of all, you should understand that IG is a social application that stands out for pictures. And IG’s primary purpose is to make profile owners stand out and look their best. So you should show off your best photos. It starts with your profile picture, the first photo of you that other IG users will see. It has to be the most compelling realism that expresses who you are along with the caption text under the short picture that describes your life and lifestyle and if it’s a personal IG, not an IG that’s a storefront for online sales Images that tell the story of your work or business should be kept to a minimum. Because if there’s too much of it, your profile will look uninteresting. The girls who visit will think that your life is nothing but work. You must make the best comment for girls pic on Instagram.

Use “IG Story” to your advantage.

Suppose your IG is moving regularly, uninterrupted. It will give your IG an exciting story that everyone will want to follow your movements even if you don’t have a handsome face like a movie star. Creating a photo story for yourself is not difficult at all. Start with the stories you like, and everyday stories take pictures to update your movements. If girls comment on your photo, you also need to make the best comment for the girl pic on Instagram. For example, what’s exciting about work this morning? Eat something delicious that impresses or today I have a chance to go somewhere special. Or how good is it to go to the gym today?

For getting girls’ attention, you need to make the best comment for a girl’s pic on Instagram.

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