Best Choices of Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings


It is not that much easy to be a part of such modern age. Everyone is struggling to achieve more and more. This modernity is depicted through their wearing, vehicles, lifestyle, and gifts that they give to their loved ones. In past, the special present for the special one was gold jewelry or something like a precious stone. But now the diamond is considered a very special present and also presented to a special one. And also accepted by others.

Furthermore, today diamonds have covered all the vacancies of happiness. As like presented as an engagement ring, at the time wedding is considered an Eternity ring that we carried out throughout life. If we say that diamonds stone or its ring become a very important ingredient to our memories.  And play its role in cultivating our precious remembrances. Thus,  Diamonds rings are differentiated from each other through diamond shape, size, and several diamonds in a ring.

Types of Diamond Rings

Some valuable types of diamond rings are given below;

Based on diamond Shape

Every individual have their selection and according to their choice the jewelers manage the diamond’s shape in their special ring as the most common shapes in diamonds are as follow;

Round diamonds

A round diamond is considered a very outstanding shape in the diamonds community. Its importance is due to the cuts that are present in it. These cuts give more sharpness and glimpses to it. And it looks more shining.

Oval-shape Diamond

Oval shape diamond is also supposed to be a very extraordinary shape in diamonds town. The popularity of oval shape diamonds is due to their cuts including pear cut, that pear-like shape with sharp end cut. The second one is marquise cut, it is also an oval shape but both ends are sharply cut. Thirdly, the heart cut is also having one sharp end cut and found a hole on the contrary side.

Oval shape engagement diamond rings are prominent among new couples and it is considered the most demanding ring shape across the world. Its popularity is because of its shining, glimpses, and sharpness.

Rectangular Shape Diamond

This shape is also considered the favorite one. The rectangular shape of diamonds is further classified based on their cut position on the diamond. Princess cut, Emerald cut is those cut that occurs shortened corners, and so on.

Based on Diamond Numbers

The larger the diamond more it valuable is. A single diamond of rings or mostly those rings that contains single diamonds are considered precious and valued more due to the large size of a diamond. But some people love to have a large number of diamonds in their rings but these are the small size of diamonds. As today’s girls love the diamonds band rings because it contains a huge amount of diamonds in a single ring. These rings are more vivid and expressive.

Decent Quality of Diamond rings

It is very difficult to differentiate between the natural diamonds that are found through proper mining. And Lab-grown diamonds that are man-made and synthetic in a laboratory. Both have the same physical and chemical formula. Both have the same sharpness, shines, and are expressive. The question that arises that why lab-grown diamonds are considered inexpensive while having the same properties? So, the answer to the question is that due to the rare availability of natural diamonds that is why new diamonds have the same properties as natural diamonds are introduced for the purpose to fulfilled the demands of the diamonds. And should be easily accessible to everyone.

Easily Accessible Diamond rings 

As compared to the Natural diamond Lab-grown Diamond are easily accessible to us at a very low price. The modern and versatile designs of engagement rings are made from lab-grown diamonds to accomplish customers’ trust and get their attention. Retaining the same qualities as Natural diamonds has put down a positive response on the customers. Now some questions that arise in the mind of customers are; Is lab-grown diamond be considered a real one or not? The answer to the question is that, Yes it be considered a real diamond. Next question is, Are Lab-grown diamonds have the same qualities as Natural diamonds contain, Yes Lab-grown diamonds contain the same qualities and properties as Natural diamonds have. It is fully accepted by GIA and is given the same place as Natural diamond has. This is because of its same equity and estate.

However, the difference is found based on its rates. Natural diamonds are more expensive and are rarely available to us while lab-grown diamonds are inexpensive and are very easily accessible to us. The same structure, pattern, and virtue are founded in both Natural diamonds and Lab-grown diamonds.

Inexpensive Diamond Rings

Most of us save our earnings and take years by getting a diamond ring for our special ones. But today advancements make it easy for us to buy a diamond ring within our earning. After the introduction of Lab-grown diamonds, purchasing diamond rings becomes very easy for us. The beautiful and unique design of the ring is easily available to us at a very low cost. These low prices of lab-grown diamonds are due to its easy availability and accessibility of diamond rings to us. And this is a positive change that comes in our society that expensive diamonds are now easily existing in our surrounding jewelry shops. And we can get it effortlessly without saving our income for severe years.


The diamond ring is the dream of every girl that be gifted to her by someone more special. Firstly, it was difficult to purchase it but today with the production of lab-grown diamonds it is very easy to buy them and present them to a special one. Lab-grown diamond engagement rings are now easily available in diamond jewelry shops. One can easily get it from there within a short expense. And your favorite design is found in it.

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