Best Carpet Cleaning Hacks For the Homemakers


Home decor is one of the essential things you come across after moving into a new home or giving a makeover to the old one. It is necessary as someone gets the initial idea about your personality from your room decorations. So, we try to put the best things out there so that the home welcomes us with a refreshing vibe and a more comfortable look every time we come in. Fairy lights, showpieces, carpets, and rugs are the most commonly used materials of home decors as they can create different looks and are also very useful at the same time. But, cleaning the carpets can be hectic and challenging as they are heavy and thick in the material. Here in this article, we will be discussing some love saving tips for carpet cleaning .

Carpet cleaning hacks

Get a Lint roller

You must have noticed how much pressure you lit in your vacuum cleaner; there will always be some stubborn hairs and fibers that refuse to come out. It is frustrating that you need to comb them out from the nooks of the sofa or rugs every time. Also, it is disgusting and dirty at the same time. You can get a lint roller to roll out all the loose hair and fibers at the beginning of the vacuum cleaning. It will save you time and help you to clean better.

Pet squeegee

If you have a furry friend, then you will relate to this problem more than anyone. No matter how hard you try, there will always be your cat’s precious hair on the sofa, carpet, and kitchen. Get a window squeegee to roll out the pet hair beforehand for the cleaning. It will help you to get rid of the pet hair.

Remove stains

In contrast with the black mahogany furniture set, a white carpet is a pure elegance, but, as beautiful as the room will look, it is way tougher to keep the white rug clean. Little stains will lookout, and it will look dirtier than it is. Here is a handy three-step trick to remove the saints with homemade elements. At first, you have to vacuum clean the stained spot so that any other heavy particle gets out of the way. And you can only concentrate on the stain. Then soak the color with the water and vinegar mixture. In the solution, keep the water and vinegar ratio and 3:1. It’ll help to bloat the stain material, and it will be easier to pull them out. Finally, you need to place a damp cloth over the stain and press a heated iron over the fabric. In this way, the colors will transfer to the wet cloth. It is known as the reverse stain removal process.

Seek professional help

If you think the processes as mentioned above are too lengthy and challenging to perform a

You may avoid these and find professionals to help you out with the carpet cleaning task. There are local and international carpet cleaning agencies that will provide door to door services. For example, they will come to your home and clean the carpet. Otherwise, if your carpet needs extensive cleaning, then they will collect the rug and wash it in their cleaning facility with all the necessary chemicals, and deliver it to your home. Carpet materials vary a lot, and their cleaning method depends on their materials. So, you should always go with experienced carpet cleaners like the carpet cleaning Dublin services for the best cleaning and maintenance of your carpet.


Carpets are a sign of taste and Royalty. But, a dirty carpet can spread so many diseases that you can’t even count. So, please keep it clean and be healthy.

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