Best 10 Instagram Video Editing Tools


Instagram has become one of the most popular and preferred choices as a social media tool.  Owing to a huge base of Instagram users, many brands, companies, businesses, and independent influencers resort to Instagram to reach their audience. Have you ever wondered how a particular video stands out among billions of videos out there? It’s all about how engaging and interesting your videos are. This can be achieved by simply editing your videos using various techniques and tools to create a surreal viewing experience for your audience. Let us check out the 10 best Instagram Video Editors.

Why Do I Need to Edit My Videos:

Video editing is essential because it is an effective way to blend photos, videos, text, and sounds to keep the viewer audio-visually engaged in your video. While shooting conceptual videos is one thing, editing them to suit your needs while keeping the audience engaged is the game-changer. Videos are more engaging than text-based options when it comes to storytelling, making the audience aware, giving out product descriptions and specifications, testimonials, increasing the brand value and awareness, etc. While people are no longer interested in scrolling through paragraphs of text, videos can convey the same information to them in a matter of seconds or minutes.

1. InVideo:

InVideo is a great software to edit your Instagram videos. Right from cool filters to amazing effects, you can add it all to your video. Add in the appropriate music from the vast library available to give depth to your videos. Adding the right elements to your videos increases the engagement of your videos. InVideo offers a free online editing tool that helps you make videos on the go. InVideo is supported on all operating systems, which is a huge advantage. Based on the type of video, you can use vivid backgrounds to grab attention. You can edit the shortest of videos on the InVideo Instagram video editor. Forget the era of adding layers to images. You can now add layers to videos with InVideo’s Instagram Video Editor. You can also edit multilingual videos, helping you save time on editing the same videos in multiple languages.

2. Filmora9:

Filmora9 is a great software to edit your Instagram videos. This software supports editing and exporting videos up to 4K. Another good feature is that it supports GIFs, background noise removal, and precision speed control. You can edit videos in both square and portrait mode.

3. Wave:

Wave is a highly sought-after tool as an Instagram Video Editor. You can choose brilliant text effects for your text-based videos. You can easily convert the video into landscape mode, portrait mode, or square so that all devices can support it. You can also choose from over 200 million templates and edit them to suit your video requirements.

4. Movie Maker:

Movie Maker software is a great tool to edit your videos technically. From adding transitions to merging videos seamlessly, you can make your video technically sound so that your videos are technically sound. You can use it to create video slideshows and develop other new interesting concepts, setting the trends.

5. Boomerang, from Instagram:

You guessed right! You can use Instagram’s Boomerang tool to create interesting and engaging videos for your audience. This looping tool can be made use of in various video concepts on your Instagram videos.

6. Foodie:

You got that right! Nothing keeps viewers engaged, like the way yummilicious food videos do. Your normal videos may not capture the vivid reds and pleasant greens in the original videos. Using a tool like Foodie can make your video more edible and enjoyable to your audience’s eyes. If your videos are food-based, this Instagram editing software is a must-try.

7. Viva Cut:

Viva Cut is a video editing software that offers you all the VFX assets that you need to take your video to the next level. The major advantage of using this is that you don’t need to have previous experience or technical knowledge of editing videos. All the editing steps are simple and easy to follow, giving you jaw-dropping results. You can also incorporate great music to keep your audience grooving.

8. Adobe Premier Rush:

Adobe products always make it to the list, don’t they? Though Adobe Premier Rush is one of the most preferred choices as an Instagram video editor software, you need to know your way around, to make beautiful edits to your videos. Adding animations, changing filters, editing the frame rate, and making watercolour transitions can get your video trending within minutes. Another advantage is that you can edit the audio separately and incorporate it in your video for a perfect amalgamation of audio-visual treats.

9. Animoto:

Create engaging videos for personal and professional use with Animoto. Animoto features an AI-based intuitive drag and drop interface that helps you edit videos quickly and precisely. Your videos can be customised based on pacing, design, templates, voiceovers, animations, and more.

10. Kine Master:

One of the most popular options, Kine Master, is good to trim and cut videos with utmost precision. You can also incorporate 3D Transitioning into your videos. This software is ideal for beginners and pros, giving you precise control even while editing your smartphone. With Kine Master, you can edit and directly upload your videos on not just Instagram but all your social media handles.

Using video is a great way to tell stories, share testimonials, effectively increase the time people spend on your page or website while keeping them engaged. Well-edited videos help you gain traction with your viewers and increase your page ranking while also effectively boosting your sales, brand, business, product, or brand trust.

The next time you want to upload a video on your profile or your business account on Instagram, ensure that it is well-edited and visually appealing. This ensures that your audience is engaged and connects with you on a deeper level through your video.’s free Instagram video creator is an easy way to make content in a variety of video formats, specially designed for Instagram. You can create ads to stories, and you can also customize professionally-designed templates in just a few clicks, resulting in videos and slideshows that perfectly express your brand voice.

You can make a wide range of short Instagram videos that will look great on both desktop and mobile devices in just a few minutes

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