Benefits of wearing Blue light glasses


We live in an era of technology, and it has become very important and is surrounded by the high tech gadgets like computer and phone screens, not just at home but also in the workplace. Technology has made your daily day work easier, but it also leads to weakness of eye-sight.

Yes, you heard that right! When you stare at the computer or the phone screen, you expose your eyes to blue light. In fact, at the time when you are reading this post, and while I am writing this post, we both are getting exposed to the blue light.

This blue light does not good and causes headaches, insomnia, strain in the eyes, or other eye diseases. However, you can protect your eyesight using blue light glasses.

What is Blue light?

In simple words, blue light is the color of the light spectrum which is visible to the human eyes. However, it will not appear as blue to the naked eyes. Let me tell you that it has a short wavelength and produces a massive amount of energy.

Possibly, any source of light can emit blue light; be it an artificial source like digital screen, bulb or natural source, like the sun. According to research, with continuous exposure to blue light, the body’s clock gets confused. It results in tiredness and puffy eyes. That is when blue light glasses come to your rescue. Here are some of the benefits of using blue light glasses.

  • A Rise In melatonin production 

Melatonin is a natural hormone that is found in our body. it is helpful in controlling the daily schedule of your body and this hormone is the reason why our body gets habituated to certain things. the harmful blue light from the computer’s screen interferes with the Melatonin level in our body and that is why when we use phone regularly our sleep cycle is affected. You need blue lens glasses so that blue light does not cause any harm to your body and you get a good sleep.

So, one of the benefits of using blue light glasses are that you can maintain the optimal melatonin level in your body in the right way. It also helps you fall asleep faster and ensure that your body gets the right amount of sleep and you wake up fresh.

  • Controls cortisol release

Cortisol is like a build-in natural alarm system in the body. It is responsible in controlling your moods, motivation and fear. Again the blue lights from the screen can interfere with Cortisol level and thus you will have a lot of mood swings. Sometimes it may also lead to depression. No doubt the issues of depression are so common these days. so, if you want to avoid any mental stress, then better use blue lens glasses.

  • Useful to shift workers

According to research, the blue light emitted from the screen is especially harmful to the office workers who work at night. It can cause a huge risk of cardiac rhythm disruptions and fluctuate. It can result to serve illnesses like heart diseases, cancer, obesity, and digestive problems.

The blue light glasses can help in such a situation as they will act as a wall between your eyes and the computer screen, stopping the blue rays from entering into your eyes.

  • Prevents muscular degeneration  

It is an age-related problem that occurs when the retina is damaged, and the person loses the ability to see the fine details of anything that is close or far away. The use of blue light glasses can help you get rid of this problem, and you will be able to see everything much clearer.


Apart from the benefits mentioned earlier, you can also get rid of headaches and tired eyes with the help of blue light glasses. So, protect your eyes with blue light glasses today. Good Luck!

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