Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

Vaping has become a popular alternative to cigarettes for many reasons, with health ranking near the top of the list. Many smokers turn to vaping with tools such as Puffco or Dr. Dabber, as a means of quitting cigarette smoking, and the NHS is considering making vaping or e-cigarettes available by prescription to help people quit smoking. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has approved e-cigarettes for sale for the first time.

If you are considering vaping, enjoying this as an alternative to smoking for health purposes is just one benefit. Learn more about the many benefits here.

Health Benefits

Smoking involves a process that is called combustion, where heat is applied to a cigarette which is then smoked. That smoke is filled with toxins that enter the air pathways and cause health damage.

Vaping has health impacts as well. However,, the health impacts from the combustion process on chemicals in cigarettes are considerably greater.So if you want to quit smoking, the first step could be to learn how to smoke a dab.

Less Odor

Smoking is an activity that has a very specific odor. Vaping also leaves an odor when these products are consumed. However, it is not as noticeable or bad. Vaping also leaves an odor of vaporization that dissipates and leaves with time.

The smell of cigarettes has a scent that stays on the clothing and skin. The scent of smoking has a way of lasting longer than the smell from vaping. Sprays, air fresheners, and candles can all help alleviate the scent of smoking and vaping. A fan will eliminate the smell of vaping scents in the air much faster, and more permanently.

Vaping is More Affordable

Cigarette smoking can cost people thousands of dollars a year. Vaping is not the same expense. For vaping, tools are purchased in order to enjoy vaping, and additional cartridges of chemicals to vape are put in the tools. The only cost beyond a first purchase of vaping is the cost of the chemicals to vape. They are much more affordable than purchasing a package of cigarettes every day or every few days.

Invest in Vaping

Vaping is an activity that is frequently compared to smoking, but offers a few more benefits. There is less odor in the air with vaping, it is more affordable, and there are clear health benefits as documented by many studies. Vaping begins with the investment of tools that are a one-time investment. You can purchase cartridges in a variety of flavors until you settle on the one that you like the most, or, keep trying new flavors with your new activity.

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