Benefits of Robotic Spine Surgery in Treating Back Pain


Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. The pain can be debilitating in that even bending to pick up your bag of groceries and doing simple house tasks become difficult chores. The experienced team of surgeons at NJ Spine and Wellness provides most Matawan Robotic Spine Surgery in New Jersey to restore your spinal mobility. It enables you to do daily activities with simplicity and a high maneuver rate.

Robotic spine surgery

If you have chronic back pain that is unresponsive to nonsurgical treatments, then robotic spine surgery is the best option for you to alleviate the symptoms and restore your mobility.

During the process, the system allows your surgical team to first plan out the entire procedure using software that precisely maps your spine, providing specific data about your diagnosis and physiology of your spine.

After creating the blueprint, the robotic machine guides movements of tiny tools used to repair your spine while your surgeons are in total control. The technology allows the surgeons to be more precise and accurate.

Outlined below are the advantages of using robotic surgery to treat chronic back pain that causes severe pain.

Fast surgeries

The surgery is mapped out in advance; therefore, every moment is done accurately and swiftly. It allows you to spend less time under anesthesia and lower the likelihood of complications. There is also more excellent safety and accelerates the return to your everyday life.

Smaller incisions

The small tools used in robotic spine surgery result in smaller incisions with less visible scars due to the minimally invasive surgery. Therefore, there is no fear of scarring on your back; consequently, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as public beach swimming.

Fewer tissue damages

Smaller incisions and tiny tools cause minor trauma, and hence the surrounding tissues are not severely damaged as with traditional surgery. There are more miniature pins and swellings, thus a faster recovery period.

Less blood loss

There is less transfusion with robotic spine surgery; therefore, you do not lose a lot of blood—these result in accelerated recovery and, consequently, a fast return to everyday life.

Shorter hospital stays

With accurate surgery, you are likely to have fewer stays in the hospital for a monitoring period and get home to recover. Generally, shorter hospital stays mean recovery is swifter, and there are reduced chances of you developing hospital-acquired infections, which tend to prolong hospital stays.

Reduced preoperative pain and less medication

With robotic spine surgery, there is reduced exposure to radiation for both you and the surgical team. Therefore, there is less pain after surgery hence less need for preoperative solid painkillers and antibiotics.

Faster return to normalcy

After robotic spine surgery, you can get back to your everyday life within no time without chronic pain in a relaxed manner.

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Back pain is the root cause of significant problems such as poor work and education performance and overall health. Book an appointment today with a team of surgeons specialized in robotic spine surgery at NJ Spine and Wellness and relieve yourself of the debilitating back pain.

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