Benefits of Having Keyless Entry for Residential Apartment Buildings in Las Vegas


Many people believe that installing a Keyless Entry is only possible for homes, but they couldn’t be more wrong, having a keyless entry system is one of the best things you can have in homes, apartments and even in your car. It is one of the best things that technology has brought us in recent years, and we are going to explain why you should think about installing one in this article. Stay with us and read on! 

Increased security

This type of system has the difficulty of making copies, so you will not have to worry that someone other than you is authorized to enter your apartment or residence. You might be surprised to know that by lending your key to someone else, there is a chance that they can take a sample even without the need to take it to a hardware store, and enter your home without permission.

A super advanced feature of this system that is most used in apartments where more than one has entry, is that you can adjust them by security levels, limited forums, among many other configurations, so that the “owner” can observe everything that happens in your home during the day. 

Convenient and useful system

No more lost keys. Proximity or simply keyless access allows you to open your door through a key or by lightly swiping your personal reader instead of entering a key (depending on the model you have chosen for yourself). No more awkward situations where you can’t access your home, no more annoying key fobs forgotten in the office, you just need to be you and get in.

Entering your home without keys can be very easy when you live alone. Imagine that you are bringing the groceries to your home and you have your hands full, and besides having to get the key you have to make sure that while you take the groceries the door is not going to close. All this will not happen with a keyless entry system installed. 

Modern and up-to-date image

A proximity entry system is a system with a reader that allows the door to be opened by a proximity card or key fob, or by a body sensor. Are you going to tell us that it doesn’t sound pretty cool? And believe us when we tell you it looks good. 

Updating our methods and items allows us to stay on top of the latest trends and prevent thieves from playing dirty with our most obsolete locks. For as technology also advances, so do burglary methods for breaking into our homes. 

What you should always try to do is to install your keyless entry system with a locksmith specialist. 

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