Benefits And Drawbacks Of Assisted Living


Assisted Living can be the best option to avail for your old ones who can not take care of themselves as effectively as before. It can ease you and take away anxiety for fear of no one to communicate with them. With an assisted living facility, seniors are provided with lively programs to entertain them, such as outdoor recreational activities. Also, health programs are put in place in case of health issues developed, such as in the case of assisted living somerset county who specializes in rehab and caring for memory health issues like dementia. In this article, I will be analysing the benefits and some drawbacks there are to assisted living facilities.


Seniors are assisted to involve in daily physical activities

As there are some seniors that, due to their aged condition, performing physical activities is a hard task. They struggle with bathing themselves, cooking and even getting out. However, in an assisted living facility, there are staff that are specially trained to make the execution of these physical activities concrete reality for them. Additionally, seniors who won’t ask for help while in their home can rapport with staff in an assisted living facility who would get them on their daily physical activities.

There would be opportunity for the seniors to socialize

While seniors stay in their homes, they are very likely to be bored as their children are now independent and probably be in a far away environment. In this condition, assisted living offers an avenue where each senior meets some seniors with whom they can socialise and have an interactive relationship.

There would be feelings of independence

As seniors grow older, they become dependent on relatives and children. However, with assisted living facility, seniors can regain this lost independence as they won’t need to depend but get what they need as programmed and by making use of the facility’s staff who are always at their beck and call. Regained independence makes them feel they are still in control and reduces the likelihood of depression.

Draw Backs of Assisted Living an Facility

1. Inadequate healthcare

Most assisted living facilities only provide basic health care, and in the case of severe health issues, assisted living is not a reliable option to go for your seniors. Since assisted living only favors seniors without chronic health issues, however seniors with problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease might not find the care they need in most assisted living.

2. Expensive cost of stay

The cost of staying in assisted living can be too much for some people. The cost varies according to state, however, some research reports have it that an assisted living cost over $40,000 per year. For a one bedroom apartment, seniors pay $3500 per month which is the national rate. There have been reports of people that sell their properties to afford an assisted living facility.

3.Threat on Seniors’ privacy

Though assisted living helps seniors to socialize with other seniors, there would be a time when seniors might like to have some privacy. But with every other senior and staff going in and out to check on them, seniors can feel they are deprived of reasonable privacy.

Is Assisted Living for Seniors Right for Your Loved One?

While Assisted Living for seniors proved helpful and right for some people, it is considered not suitable for many.

Let’s do some justice to this. If a senior feels comfortable staying in the house, it will be advisable that you avail the senior home care service out there accessible to you. In that case you can have them called on the phone and they should be able to offer round the clock service to you.

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