Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Footwear for Outdoor Recreation Activities


Looking after your feet as an outdoor enthusiast is one of the vital things that you can do. Selecting the right footwear for outdoor activities can be daunting, conversely, it can mean the difference between comfort and discomfort. There are numerous types of footwear for the outdoors and with a variety of features to choose from, hence it is important to know what it entails before choosing your ideal footwear. Not only is being in nature wonderful but walking provides lots of benefits. Safety First! It is of the utmost importance to ensure you are safe and comfortable in your outdoor footwear. Below are the top tips for choosing the right footwear for outdoor recreation activities.

Tips for choosing the perfect outdoor footwear

Where are you going? Footwear for outdoor recreation activities is made with a specific environment in mind. Ankle height and sole stiffness are the major characteristics that determine the terrain and some of the conditions you will be facing. If you are going hiking you need to have a hiking outfit to combat the weather and since you will be moving on the uneven or steep ground, you need footwear that is more rigid with ankle support. Hiking footwear has stiffer soles that provide stability to stand on and to reduce any foot injuries is a higher cut that will support your ankles.

Do they fit? When choosing the right footwear for the outdoors it is essential to ensure if they are the right fit. Footwear fitting is all about the size of your feet and the shape from the flexibility of your toes to the width of your heel. There are so many variables to consider when choosing the right fit and the comfort of your feet needs to be put first.

Leather or synthetic? The recent advance in materials has made the difference between synthetic and leather footwear to be increasingly small. Leather footwear in the past was highly preferred because they were easier to care for and were more durable, whereas synthetic footwear is lighter and less durable. However, things have changed and the majority of camping outfit including camping footwear have been made using these advanced materials. The best place to start when choosing the perfect footwear is to ensure they correctly fit and the materials used to manufacture the footwear should come in second.

Are they waterproof? The outdoors is filled with water and for your footwear, it needs to be waterproof. This allows them to be weatherproof and you can cross streams with any problem in your adventure. To avoid your footwear being full of condensation and sweat you need to keep the wet out. In other words, you need mens wellies which are renowned for being reliable, durable and they work anytime and anywhere. If your outdoor recreation activities are full of water activities, you can opt for a pair of wellies that will keep you dry and avoid soggy feet. You can also use a gaiter, which is a waterproof cuff that is fastened over the top of your footwear and lower leg. It prevents water from walking down your boot as you walk through snow, wet grass, or the rain.

What’s on the inside? The feel of your footwear can make a big difference and what is inside the boot needs to be highly considered. Check out the socks and ensure they are the right socks with the padding, wicking, insulation, and elasticity you want. Here’s is a quick overview of what to is on the inside of a boot. A soft leather lining provides comfort inside the boot and protects the membrane from abrasion and dirt. The tongue is attached to the shoe with bellows, and it prevents debris or water from getting in. Lastly, the cuff wraps around the ankle and should be soft on the inside. Technical footwear has a firm and high cuff, while other footwear can have some flexibility around the cuff.

Final thoughts

When going for outdoor recreation activities you need to be prepared for the weather and a zip fleece or quarter fleece will go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy the excellent views while keeping warm. Find the right footwear for outdoor activities doesn’t have to be challenging rather than an enjoyable experience. What you carefully need to consider is when, where and what you will be walking on.

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