Beginner Guide on Colombian Coffee and Benefits of Being an Enthusiast


It is said that over 1 billion people all around the world drink coffee every day, and inside of the United States, over 400 million cups are drank daily. This beverage is well recognized all around the world because of its various properties, often considered necessary for a lot of people, making it one of the most popular choices in the world.

As someone who enjoys drinking this bittersweet beverage not only as a way of starting the day and following up my routines, but also, as a very complex, yet rich drink, I can say that there’s a lot to it than just it being a drink filled with caffeine.

But there’s a lot to know when it comes to appreciating it, and for people who are starting in the world of café, it can be a little complicated to start appreciating its many different levels of complexity.

When it comes to it, there are many things that can influence its flavor, and many other features, making some choices more popular among some groups of enthusiasts, while other choices are adored by others.

Although we will cover some of the most important things to understand and consider when starting this adventure, and also, we will talk about one particular option available in the market that is rather popular for beginner and professional enthusiasts: Colombian coffee.

What Makes Coffee so Complex?

Although most coffees of the world enter the category of Arabica and Robusta, you can also find Excelsa and Liberica. That being said, inside of said categories, you can find different variations, coming from different parts of the world, each one having its characteristics, making each bean available in the market, different from one another.

Things like the location in which where the beans are planted, how the plants and the cherries are handled, the way they are roasted and ground, and even the way they are prepared, and the things you add to it, can make a cup of coffee unique on its way, thus, the world of café can be a little bit overwhelming at times, especially for beginners that know nothing about it.

That being said, once you do some research and start to know more about this world, you’ll know that there are multiple ways of enjoying it.

My Story as a Beginner Enthusiast

If you are like me, you probably started drinking coffees in the most simple way, just because you were certain that the drink can help you wake up faster, and provides a level of energy that can help you fulfill your responsibilities.

For me, drinking coffee has always been something that is meant to make my life easier. Well, at least when I started drinking it around four years ago. I did enjoy the flavor of the drink to a certain extent, but I have always been a sweet tooth, so getting bitter hemp drinks is not my thing.

However, things changed once I started living on my own, and I got more financially stable. Getting to try new things and approaching new experiences is one part of growing up, and for me, getting my hands on a vanilla-flavored Colombian brand was definitely what started my passion for it.

At first, I didn’t like it as much. It tasted weird since it was my first cup of instant coffee, but the more I tried it, the more fond I became of it. However, once I decided to try adding milk to it, I witnessed a world of possibilities. I felt like the brand I had gotten was specifically made to drink with milk, since it tasted incredibly good. The combination of the gentle touch of vanilla along with the flavor of milk and sugar was something I enjoyed to a great extent.

Here’s when I decided to more time on it and started researching. I believe something that helped me out quite a lot was this one blog over here: since it provides information that I consider valuable for any beginner, like the things you should do and get to start grinding and brewing yours.

Getting to know local roasters for fresh beans, getting your hands on a scale and a grinder to prepare your coffee beans, and brewing it, is an experience that is close to enlightenment, a very relaxing journey that is filled with discoveries and teachings that will guide you towards your perfect, most personal beverage.

Once you get the hang of it, wanting to experience more types of beans is a very common thing to happen, and I, at some point, wanted to come back to my roots and get to try once again, what Colombian brands tasted like.

Why I love Colombian Coffee

With the experience and knowledge I obtained with different types of brands, beans, and equipment, I decided to try a Colombian brand once again. But before I did it, I wanted to learn more about it, so I studied a little.

First of all, I researched some brands. When it comes to the question “what is the best Colombian coffee?” I encountered a wide range of choices, being Juan Valdez the most popular available on the market, but there are other options, like Don Pablo’s.

However, I wanted to know more about Colombian beans and what made the beans so special. To my surprise, Colombian beans are widely recognized by the enthusiast’s community all around the world, just because of a very simple reason: It can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

You see, the characteristics that can heavily influence the flavor and quality of a cup of coffee, include:

  • The quality of the beans
  • How the roasting is handled
  • The way it is brewed
  • And the things you decide to add to it

However, it is certainly true that different beans provide different ranges of flavor, and some of them might be too bitter for a lot of people, which is the reason why a lot of people are reluctant to try them out. However, Colombian beans are well known for having a gentle touch of bitterness, which adds a lot of flexibility in they can be handled.

This makes Colombian beans one of the best choices for beginners since it is a very good way to start. Now that I think about it, the only reason why I started my journey was probably because of that one brand I once tasted, that wasn’t as bitter as other brands I have once drunk, and it was great for people like me, who want to enjoy coffee in their unique way.

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