Before Buying a Patio Umbrella


Mobile Shade

The best courtyard shade for all-round yard protection is free-standing umbrellas. You can move them to the place of children, visitors or you want to sit personally, making them perfect for large courtyards with plenty of open space. Even the level ground is not so important, so you can easily install them in the grass or in the courtyard. They are however not as supportive as table guards and are easily tilt-in so you must always focus on maintenance and take time to put the guide off when you finish. Movable standing umbrellas usually use a screw-in system so additional tools are rarely required. Please note that continuous freestanding systems require that you fasten to a wall or a floor in a base, even if, naturally, you cannot move them around. We have the best Cantilever Umbrellas for you.

Larger Umbrellas

You don’t need a sunshade protection for the proper shading space in the table-top courtyard that is larger than the table or the area you sit on otherwise, on the eye level. As a rule, look for shades which are a few feet wider than your table. The majority of home patio parasols are 9 feet in diameter, fitting tables about 36 to inches in diameter – extra large tables would have even bigger parasols about 11 feet. You can consider going down to 6,5 feet if you want only a single person parachute or a small table parachute, but usually larger is the better in those cases. If you are looking for Patio Gazebo, visit our site.

Tilting Umbrella

A tilting parachute can be fed from a specific direction to protect against sunlight. A tilting patio umbrella is good for your house when you use your patio early morning or late evening when the sundays are low in the sky. They are also useful for adding extra shade in wide open spaces where no buildings are nearby.

Weather Conditions

Everywhere wind is the diehard opponent of courtyard umbrellas: if you have plenty of wind around, choose a layout with flexible materials like wood or fibre glass. Aluminum has a strong moisture resistance material, but it is less flexible and is more easy to damage during a windstorm. And while we probably don’t have to say this, always fold the umbrella up when you finish on the patio and remove it if it looks as if it will be a storm. You can get the best Patio Umbrellas with us.

Base Weight

The shelf’s base can be sold individually and must have the correct weight (typically weight in pounds). For proper anchoring a table umbrella usually needs the basis for around 20-40 pounds. A standalone parachute, however, needs a heavier base of between 50 and 80 pounds based on the size of the parachute. Don’t skimp in that region

Cantilever Umbrella

You need an elegant patio umbrella if you have a spacious, multi-seater patio or an outdoor bar that needs more than the average number of shades, but the full cover does not work. These parachutes are angled over a large area while they are not seen by anybody. They tend to be a bit costlier than the average table, but they are available in home-friendly models.

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