Beautiful Places To Visit in North Goa


North Goa invites you to a magnificent country of natural beauty, sparkling with sea, beach, and sunshine. However, if you think this location is simply about golden beaches and the blue ocean, you’re mistaken! The place is a traveler’s pleasure, with spectacular forts, old temples, beautiful churches, exciting party hotspots, famous shacks, lively flea markets, rich casinos, and a myriad of other attractions. All you have to do is leave your North Goa hotels and experience this colorful location. So, are you ready to give yourself over to the myriad adventures that lie ahead? Take a look at some of the most fascinating places to visit in North Goa.

Top 5 places to visit in North Goa!

1. Chapora Fort

When Chapora Fort was included in the Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai, it drew the attention of tourists from all across the country. So much so that it is now referred to as the Dil Chahta Hai Fort by many. The fort, which dates back to 1717, has stood silent witness to the many historical events that have occurred here throughout the years. It is worth a visit because it is located on a hilltop near the Chapora River and provides magnificent views of the surrounding area. You can even order sugar free cake delivery in Mumbai and make your visit special.

2.  Vagator Beach

Vagator, a magnificent beach with spectacular red cliffs decorating the shore, is a sight to behold. The beach in this area is divided into two sections: Big Vagator and Little Vagator. It’s the ideal spot to kick your feet up and soak up some sun, sand, and sea. If you’re looking for some water fun, Vagator offers a variety of activities, including jet skiing and parasailing. You may also look forward to fantastic nightlife and beautiful sunsets.

3. Anjuna Beach

Anjuna is known for its gleaming white sands, thrilling water sports, and pulsating nightlife. Anjuna Beach, one of the most popular in the northern portion of Goa, represents everything that the state stands for. Wait until the night touches this location and it awakens with a party feeling if the rocky shore sounds attractive during the day. The beach’s allure is heightened by the weekly flea market, which attracts a large number of visitors.

4. Aguada Fort

Fort Aguada, one of Goa’s most iconic forts, is best described as majestic. Even as the waves of the Arabian Sea crash against its tall walls, the formidable fort has a strategic location. This huge fort, steeped in history, comes from the 17th century and offers a breathtaking view of the sea that extends out in front of it. A series of jail cells and a historic lighthouse, the oldest of its kind in Asia, are among the fort’s primary features.

5. Baga Beach

When it comes to having a good time in North Goa, Baga Beach is the place to go. Baga, named after the Baga stream that flows into the Arabian Sea, is the ideal destination to spend an exciting day and party late into the night by visiting the beachside hangouts. You can do everything here, from water activities to get a tattoo to street shopping. Baga is unquestionably one of Goa’s top party spots, with restaurants and cafes like Tito’s, Britto’s, and Mambos surrounding the beach.

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