Beachside Camping Spots in NSW


After searching worldwide, I realised that one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches suitable for beach camping could be found in New South Wales (NSW). Beach camping is the best way to enjoy your vacation, holiday, and relaxation. In NSW, you can get beaches that give you much comfortability, uninterrupted relaxation, lovely views, recreational activities, and good weather conditions.

If the idea of beach camping springs up in your mind, ensure you check before making your reservation. Look out for all the necessary basic amenities such as; a well-furnished room, quality room service, unlimited access to the network, less crowd, wildlife, and anything that will make your camp worth it.

To list a few among many, we shall consider some of the prestigious beaches in NSW.

1. Honeymoon Bay, Jervis Bay

Honey Bay is a magical beach located in Jervis Bay. It is built like a sheltered bay, and you have access to the beach, snorkel, and paddle in the sea. There is a pure joy at Honeymoon Bay that comes with waking up to the sunrise, calm atmosphere, and a lovely sea view.

Honeymoon Bay is always fully booked during summers (August), weekends, the end of the year, and school holidays.

Not all facilities are available at Honeymoon Bay. You might have to pitch your tent; there is no water supply, so you must bring in your water. Pets are prohibited, gas stoves are permitted, and generators are allowed. Another beautiful thing about it is affordable and easy to locate.

2. Picnic Point Campground, Mimosa Rocks National Park

This campground is most suitable for tent-based camping and camper trailers. It is also ideal for beach lovers and anglers. You will enjoy an exciting camping experience at Picnic Point.

3. Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay

Luckily, Hyams beach is recorded in the Guinness book as the best beach with the whitest sand. Hyams beach is worth the hype because it lives up to it. It is a magical place to enjoy the rising and setting of the sun. In a word, it can simply be described as gorgeous.

4. Murray Beach, Jervis Bay

Murray beach is another beautiful beach to visit; it is some kilometres away from Hyams beach, located at Booderee National Park. It has appealing white sand and turquoise watercolour. Due to the popularity of Hyams beach, if Hyams is fully booked, another reasonable alternative is Murray beach. Reading about it alone cannot do justice to it as visiting the beach. Indeed, the beach is truly sensational.

5. Wategos Beach, Byron Bay

Wategos Beach is a short distance away from the main beach, Byron Bay. The environment is thrilling, and it is an ideal place for a family vacation. It is suitable for picnics, games, and swimming.

6. Tallow Beach, Byron Bay

Tallow Beach is a stunning beach. It is suitable for relaxing surfing, and it’s a fun time strolling. It is a whole lot of fun walking along the sand. Another incredible feature allows the beach to possess beautiful bushland and a wild feel. It is also an amazing place for a picnic.

8. Mollymook, South Coast

This place is fun-filled with a lot of vibes. It has a friendly environment for family and friends. Mollymook is very big, and there is no dulling there; it’s fun. It’s organised, and the swimming experience is fascinating.

The above-listed beaches are only a few among the long list in NSW. Reading about these beautiful and adorable beaches is never enough, as their pictures cannot do justice to how it feels as if they are experiencing it in real life.

During one of the summer holidays, you can explore these beaches with your family and friends.

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