Bathroom accents: Cheap but elaborate decoration ideas for your bathroom


After the kitchen, the bathroom can be the second busy corner of your home. It will be even more so if you enjoy taking a bath, shower, or using a face mask every day. A place that you frequent staggered over the day will surely attract your attention the most. You will often think about its ambiance and appearance. Since extensive upgrades are not possible every time, you may hunt for some quick fixes to keep its energy and vibe in the right order. Homeowners who have small budgets focus on changing basic plumbing fixtures and features as these can immediately become the focal point.

For example, they can change the old bathroom sink after seeing vessel-styled sinks in magazines to get instant gratification from this addition. This transition doesn’t break their bank. They implement it on a budget of $250 to $500. However, if you prefer more economical choices, you should think about adding accents, which usually costs a few ten-dollar bills. But these can spruce up your bathroom ambiance as effectively as any other renovation projects. So here are a few suggestions if you wish to shop around.

Toilet paper holder stand

You cannot do without a toilet paper roll in your bathroom. Some people keep the roll on a wall-mount holder, while others store it in a basket or rack. Nowadays, many stylish toilet paper holder stands are available. You can buy the one with a marble base and brushed brass stand to add an instant luxuriousness without spending much.

Makeup mirror

Do you check yourself in the mirror whenever you pass by one? That means you like to keep your looks on-point. In that sense, you can have an interest in a compact standing makeup mirror for your vanity. It will allow you to examine yourself closely. Today, you get many eco-friendly options also, for instance, a mirror with a bamboo stand. You can place it on the vanity to enhance the natural vibe in the sink area and let it flow to other corners of the bathroom too. It again wouldn’t cost you more than $20. However, its impact can be massive on the ambiance.

Bathroom storage cart

You can have several sizes of things in this private room. Hence, it is not a surprise if your bathroom looks cluttered due to a lack of proper storage space for them. A small bathroom may not afford too many furniture pieces. Still, you can find out a slim storage solution to solve your problem. To be precise, get a three-tier metal cart that you can easily slide into a narrow corner and adjust some essentials into it. The minimal design will not be an eyesore in terms of the space. At the same time, you can give your bathroom a well-rounded touch by removing the mess.

Floating shelves

While you hear about this from many people, you may not have given this trick a try. Adding floating shelves is not only an ingenious way of expanding bathroom storage space but also elevating its charm. If you don’t believe it, replace your plastic caddies with a beautiful damp and moisture resistant floating shelf. You can store toothbrushes, toiletries, plants, diffusers, and so many other things. Your hand towel can also go there. Once you do this, you will thank yourself for choosing this serious upgrade idea.

Indoor plants

The inherently humid and low-light bathroom environment can make you crave some fresh energy inside. Whether it is a large or small space, you can always refresh it with a few indoor plants. For example, you can get a small bamboo plant pot. It can survive in the damp and darkness. Like this, you can figure out other choices also and decorate different nooks and corners with them. The energy will quickly become smooth and soft. You will also feel invigorated.

Shower curtain

Modern bathrooms can be ditching the curtain look for glass enclosures. But if you still use one in your bathroom, you can purchase a new one with forest prints to feel closer to nature and draw fresh energy from this vibe. Since you get plenty of affordable options in this item, you don’t have to worry about your budget too.

Bath mat

Do you still use the boring bathroom rug in the showering area? It’s time you swap it with a bamboo bath mat now. As such, everyone wants to bask in a spa-like feel. And this touch redefines your bathroom quickly. No longer would you have to step on the flattened terrycloth bathmat and experience its unwanted wetness under your feet. You may wonder if the bamboo bathmat will drip water on the floor. Well, it will be a negligible amount, which you can wipe out without any hassle. It is a lot more convenient thing to do than dealing with a grimy rug.

Ladder rack

Again, you must have come across this bathroom décor idea many times but never applied it. Well, it is an excellent space-saving attempt and looks gorgeous too. You can lean it against the wall for storing towels and clothes when you shower. 

Waterproof notepad

Most people confess they get some of the brilliant ideas when they are in the bathroom. Does it happen to you also? In that case, you can appreciate the idea of adding a waterproof notepad to your bathroom. You can access it to jot down your thoughts as soon as they emerge. These notepads come with pencil and suction holders. Hence, you don’t have to spend your time figuring out how to place it. Although it appears to be a simple addition, it is quite smart and powerful. 

Like these, there are different things you can use to accentuate your bathroom for a small price. If you cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars, you can go ahead with these little but significant changes to see your room’s desirable transformation. And when you are ready to indulge in bigger upgrades, you can start with replacing the old sink with new ADA-compliant bathroom sinks and vanities, faucet, shower, and other elements.

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