Bath tray: all should you know about it 

As with all products, a bath tray can have advantages and disadvantages. These are summarized as follows:


  • Everything is ready to hand on the bath tray
  • Everything is protected from moisture
  • You can make yourself really comfortable with candles, wine, and chocolate
  • The tablet holder makes it possible to work, read, or surf
  • The tealight holder makes the bathroom really romantic
  • Easy to use by placing on the edge of the tub
  • Easy to get in and out of the variable position
  • Care products no longer have to be placed on the edge of the tub
  • Care products no longer have to be put away
  • Easy to clean, as the water can run off through struts when showering

What should be considered when buying the shelf for the bathtub? When buying a bath tray, there is not too much to consider. But before you buy, you should still think about a few things.

Which material is preferred is purely a matter of taste

Bamboo is the best variant

If you are afraid that your bamboo shelf could become moldy, you can rest easy. Bamboo absorbs moisture without any problems and re-releases it so that no mold can form. The easy-care material is simply wiped with a damp cloth to remove any soap residue. Other types of wood, such as olive wood, oak, or ash, are just as robust and used. Wood is very decorative and looks fabulous even without a full bathtub.

An eye should also be kept on the processing as with all products. Sharp edges are dangerous and quickly cause scratches and scratches. The processed wood should be smooth and not splinter. The distances between the struts should not be too large so that nothing can fall through. 

There are also trends for bathrooms, even if this room, in particular, is often kept in timeless white. All the better that you can help with accessories. The shelves are therefore available to suit all possible styles. Shabby chic, country-style or futuristic. There is a suitable model for every taste. 

The bestseller list sometimes says more than other recommendations. We are therefore describing one of them – bath tray, presented by Royal Craft Wood. The list is constantly updated and shows the current best-selling “bath tray.” On the internet you will also find many test winners and recommendations from customers or magazines. 

At this point, we would like to collect some opinions that we have found helpful. Either bath tray test can be seen here or applications and successes of buyers.

This is precisely the Royal Craft Wood bamboo bath caddy. This caddy has included a cup/glass holder, iPad/Book holder, and detachable trays. It’s durable yet functional and won a big love from bath fans all over the globe.

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