Basic Overview of Carpet Cleaning – Introducing the Most Effective Cleaning Methods


Carpets are an excellent element in the beautification of homes, which have been used since ancient times to decorate the floors of royal palaces and aristocratic families. The use of carpets has increased tremendously since the beginning of modern times, resulting in all the nice carpets of different designs being decorated on our house’s floor nowadays.

However, one of the disadvantages of using carpet is that it is difficult for us to clean it at a specific time. From home rugs to office flooring, carpets are used in many places, north, south, east and west. It’s a carpet that protects the flooring and keeps your feet warm with a soft touch, but it’s very difficult to clean when it gets dirty. It doesn’t fit in the washing machine, and it may be difficult to determine if it’s okay to wash it in the first place.

Although getting rid of this difficulty, many carpet cleaning services agencies like Carpet Cleaning in Stevenage have been established in recent days. Thereby you can easily clean your carpet perfectly and ensure the carpeting durability.

How to clean the carpet

As long as the carpet is a rug, it is inseparable from dirt. There aren’t many people who come up with the right way to deal with it when dirty. It wouldn’t be a problem if you could throw it into a washing machine and wash it like a futon sheet, but especially in the case of wool carpets, it is not easy to wash because of the delicate fibers. For that, you need to contact professional Carpet Cleaning Services, where you can perfectly clean your carpets.

Here’s a simple way to clean carpets used at home, especially prone to sudden stains.

Using a vacuum cleaner: Probably the easiest way is to vacuum. After removing any debris that can be picked up by hand, attach a brushed carpet nozzle to the vacuum cleaner and suck it up. Carpet fibers have a “flow” in one direction, so you can prevent the fibers from being damaged by vacuuming in one direction to not go against the flow.

Use baking soda:Information that you can use baking soda for cleaning is becoming more common, but it is also very effective for cleaning carpets, as is the case with it. When using baking soda to clean the carpet, use two methods according to the dirt’s nature.

What are the Most Effective Ways to Wash Carpet?

Double extraction cleaning:

Double extraction cleaning is effective when you can use water to clean the floor carpet. As the word “extraction” (sucking, boiling) indicates, the method is to soak the carpet with a liquid containing the cleaning liquid, decompose the dirt, and suck out the cleaning liquid together. “Double” is used to decompose and adsorb dirt and perform two-step extraction by rinsing with clean water.

Shampoo cleaning:

Shampoo cleaning is especially used when it is very dirty. Just like washing your hair with shampoo, attach a brush with detergent to the polisher and scrub it thoroughly. It has a very high cleaning ability because it cleans dirt with both detergent and physical rubbing.

In recent years, it seems that the technology to remove the dirt inside the fibres without damaging the fabric by making the polisher a vibration type instead of a rotary type has become widespread.

Bonnet cleaning:

It is a method of adsorbing dirt on the carpet to a special pad and is also called the “yarn pad method”. Since it is unnecessary to use a large amount of water for cleaning, it is often used when you are concerned about water ingress under the floor or electrical wiring under the carpet for free access.

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