Bahamas Fly Fishing Lodges: What to Look For & What to Avoid


Bahamas fly fishing lodges vary from world-class quality to oh-no-what-have-I-done. For your next fly-fishing adventure, you want the best quality for a reasonable cost. All the amenities without emptying your savings account. More successful casts than you can count while avoiding the hassle of crowded tourist traps. It’s possible! Read on and find the perfect Bahamas fly fishing lodges for you and how to avoid scams.

Anglers Only: The Best Fly Fishing Lodges in Bahamas

If your dream adventure means bonefish, bonefish, and more bonefish, cross anything other than Bahamas fishing lodges off your list. You don’t need an all-inclusive, near-the-shops, or “quaint personality” resort. You need guides who can spot a grey ghost at dawn in the shallows. A place that arranges your fishing license for you ahead of time and has spare gear at the ready.

Check their website for:

Fish Facts – Average weights, species, and the best time of year for angling should be at most one click away from their homepage.

Local Guides – Check for local and longtime guides. They know the fish and the geography best. If all the guides have worked there for 1 year or less, you might want to move on to the next lodge. Even if the fishing is great, the lodge is not treating its most valuable asset well enough to keep them!

Fish-First Reviews – Google or Yelp reviews about food, spas, and beds are not what you’re looking for. Find lodges with reviews raving about fishing.
Source: Nervous Waters

Family & Non-Anglers Strategy

There are several resorts and clubs that will satisfy your non-fish-fanatic family members. Your challenge in this scenario is to find a resort or club that has some lodge aspects. Find Bahamas fishing lodges and then use map-view to look for resorts nearby. You’ll be in the right geographic location for great fishing, just a bit down the road. Then you can contact your resort or the nearby Bahamas fly fishing lodge to talk about guides or piggy-backing on their excursions.

Stay at a resort to keep your Non-Anglers busy all day – spas, trips to shops, and all the amenities they could ask for. That leaves you free to tangle with the speedy and strong Bonefish from dawn until dusk.

The Worst Bahamas Fly Fishing Lodge

You want to come home with a hundred new and amazing fishing stories. You don’t want to get scammed. Or to show up without a permit. Or to spend all day in the wrong spot, casting and waiting. Lots of lodges talk a good game, but keep your eye out for these red flags.

Hard to Contact – Communication with the lodge should be easy. If you can’t call or email them and get a response back fairly quickly, don’t book it. Check reviews for customer service or refund complaints while you’re at it too.

Weather Issues – Check the forecast before you book. Hurricanes and rainy seasons are game-changers in the Bahamas. You don’t want to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fisheries Restrictions/Fines – Your lodge needs to be knowledgeable about sport fishing permits. You need a permit if you’re using a boat owned by a foreigner. Violating fishing rules can result in fines and restrictions so any reputable lodge should be strict about those regulations.

Standalone Lodges – These can be hidden gems. Off-the-beaten-path, quiet, and built for the love of angling. But they can also be unstable, overworked, and overbooked money pits. A refund doesn’t mean much if you’ve flown in and no other rooms are available for weeks. In general, a fishing lodge with more than one location is the safer option.

If you follow these tips for booking the perfect Bahamas fly fishing lodges, you’ll be holding up your first bonefish catch for a picture in no time. And you won’t have to second-guess your travel plans. What more could you ask for?

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