Baccarat betting formula: 1324 baccarat strategy


Baccarat card game that includes most tips and baccarat tips 1-3-2-4 is probably the most popular. The reason for this popularity is that it is a very simple baccarat trick to win that can be used by all athletes, no matter how experienced they are. But does it really work? In this section, we will answer this question and give some practical examples.

What is the 1324 baccarat strategy?

Understanding the 1324 method is simple – how it is described in its name. You start by betting 1 money unit, then bet 3, then 2, then 4. You can easily bet 10, 30, 20, and 40 or even a hundred, 300, 200, and four hundred if you are a top player.

Therefore, as with all betting systems, there are rules for using it. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you win, you advance to the next bet.
  • If you lose, you go back to the beginning again.
  • If you win all four bets, you start again with a fixed profit.
  • This system is special in that if you win the first two bets, profits are guaranteed.
  • Do you know the 1324 baccarat system

The 1-3-2-4 system is a gambling strategy developed by fortune palace in 2006, which works with bets close to the chance of evens (i.e. 50/50, as a throwback) – especially in บาคาร่า ฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำ baccarat and roulette.

There are no real 50/50 opportunities in casino games (for example, the zero in roulette means that even red / black is not exactly 50/50) but some bets are getting closer.

The 1-3-2-4 system / strategy is based on the popular 1-3-2-6 system, but the 4th bet should reduce the difference between winning and losing of 4 units bets and maintain the whole. Designed to win. , even if the last bet is lost. In 1-3-2-6, you can win 6 points by winning the first 3 bets (1, 3, 2) and betting all on the last bet.

Our assumption when making 1-3-2-4 was that you return two units out of six already won, so the 1-3-2-4 guarantees a full profit if the first three bets win.

Numbers are behind the 1324 baccarat system

Here is how the numbers work:

  • If the first batch you make is lost, you are under 1 unit.
  • If the second bet is lost, your total loss is two units.
  • If the third bet loses, you are two units in profit.
  • If the third and fourth winners win, you are in the top ten.
  • As you can see, once you pass the danger zone of the first two bets, you are guaranteed another profit. It is easy to win two hands in a row when playing baccarat, so it is unlikely that this system will work.
  • Anyway, theory is one thing and reality is another, so we decided to test the 1324 baccarat system.

Baccarat betting strategy 1324

You may be surprised but yes, you really are. However, this comes at a price. Let’s start from the beginning: first of all, no ทดลองเล่นบาคาร่า baccarat system profit is guaranteed. In other words, if you are worried about how to win a baccarat all the time, this is not possible: there is no advice that offers a 100% guaranteed solution. Thus, 1324 advice is among the baccarat systems that work if you have a full budget for accommodation.

The idea behind this system is that you start winning sooner or later. No gambler can lose all the time and the gambling options in the baccarat are limited, so you are destined to win over time. And when you win, your prize will be big enough to cover all your losses. 

Why? Because you continued to increase wager costs depending on the order of this advice. So, in this case, this advice is the answer to how to win baccarat on the real question, because it is not always possible to lose. Baccarat odds use one idea that you will win at some point. In summary, 1324 practical advice, but

1324 baccarat strategy really effective?

This free baccarat advice system works very well, but if you are an ordinary gambler playing with a low budget, you may not see the results. In fact, you may feel that it does not work at all. 1324 advice really works, but only if you are ready to cover your losses until you start winning. Since this same thing can be said of almost every other baccarat system, we still advise you to do it, preferably easier for everyone to use. So, dont expect surprises: like all other casino games, baccarat also needs to be lucky.

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