Baccarat, 3 types of game rooms that you will find to play at FOXZ24


Baccarat, 3 types of game rooms are available as options for joining in the fun of playing Baccarat. On the foxz24 website, when you press into the game room available in the live casino As you can see, there is more than one type of game room, so we can summarize for you that there are 3 of them, but which of them. 

Game rooms in baccarat are common

For baccarat, the first game room that FOXZ24 players will find with the greatest ratio. It is a game room that is widely played in Asia. Where you can see the betting positions like the banker, player and tie are the main positions that are open to betting on baccarat. But at the same time, many service providers on the website Other options will be added as well.          

In fact, the added small-big betting options involve predicting whether a 3rd (small) card will not be drawn in the turn or a 3rd (large) card will be drawn, including options. such as a pair of cards on the Player’s side and the Banker’s side plus a pair of cards on both sides These options are added as alternatives. Give players more excitement and a way to make more profits.          

Adding options บาคาร่า ฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำ other than the 3 main bet options It has become normal for Asian baccarat. Players are familiar with this pattern. which if compared to playing at the casinos of the European or American side will find that there are quite clear differences           

But even then, the basics of the game still have the same gameplay style. That is, the cards are dealt with the banker and the player. Then you can choose to bet on baccarat online. Which side of the card is most likely to make you win the bet in that eye? However, these are common game rooms, there are also 2 types of rooms you can find in this foxz24 live casino.

The game room is called Speed ​​Baccarat or Baccarat Speed

This is another game room. at the UEFA web players This can be found from the providers available in the Live Casino category. We have to talk about the time for betting in each eye With it being played in a live casino, live baccarat will have a clear time to specify that Each player who enters the game room How long will it take to place bets?         

In which a typical game room will have a duration of 25-30 seconds, but for a game room that is speed baccarat, also known as speed baccarat, this game room takes bets in each eye. at 17-22 seconds, which is slightly faster than a typical game room. And as a result, you will know the results of playing baccarat faster. Plus in the long run, it affects the money flow in playing with

baccarat, insurance, and game room in a way that you may not be familiar with.

For another game room that hasn’t been mentioned yet. is a game room in baccarat insurance, which must be said before that the general game room It is true that bets will be opened with more options. But there is no option that comes in during the game, but for Baccarat Insurance, there will be an option in that manner.   

That is after the first 2 cards are dealt with both sides. If still unable to determine the result of losing or winning There will be options that the system gives you the opportunity to bet. For example, before dealing cards, You stabbed the banker’s side. But after all 2 cards are dealt, the system gives you the opportunity to place more bets on the player’s side. if the 3rd card is drawn and the player’s side wins You get paid as the winner’s prize.

Live casino game room is the source of more than half of the players

Although the advantages of playing in a virtual game room ทดลองเล่นบาคาร่า. There will be many advantages. especially in terms of playing speed. That takes time to play in each turn by playing and finishing the game quickly. But for living baccarat Players who come to bet in this section, They didn’t pay much attention to the matter of time. but will pay more attention to the matter of the atmosphere

It’s also a matter of playing enjoyment. This is because Playing in live baccarat gives the atmosphere and taste similar to playing at a casino directly. as a result of having a live broadcast system Let the players see the baccarat card game room from the real place. and have a real female dealer The cards are dealt with within the game as well.

Playing in this style to see the live broadcast is what allows players to directly engage with the game. and received very good feedback There were a large number of players, even more than 1,000, for some time play.

Although each bet must wait for the system to open bets which takes some time But even then, foxz24 players consider it appropriate with the given time. and enough for each bet which after placing bets It can go to pay attention to the beautiful dealers. Tasting as food for the eyes and winning the result of playing happily


For those who want to play in the game focusing on speed You can choose to operate in the game by yourself freely. But if you want to play in a game that gives you the full experience For playing in a live room to see the atmosphere in the casino This is an alternative for players who want this.

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