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Baby Accessories That No Mom Should Go Without

Moms are always on the go from the moment that sun rises until the second it goes down, and even then, if mom’s bodies aren’t physically on the go, their minds are. It is extremely easy to forget things that are needed or just simply not knowing the basics of what you need. A lot of times, the accessories people tell you are must-haves end up being a waste of money and wasted time spent looking for those items because you end up not needing them like you thought you would. Hospitals will also send you home with quite the inventory of what you will need for your baby. Here are some accessories that every mom should always have.

Diaper Bag

From fancy to casual, there are so many diaper bags to choose from that will fit your specific everyday needs with your baby. Diaper bags are great because the amount of storage they have, not just for your baby but for moms, is great. You have room for all of your baby’s needs and have some room to keep some of your personal belongings, like your wallet, car keys, water bottle, and cell phone. By having that room in a diaper bag, means less you have to carry with already having to carry your baby. There are multiple compartments in diaper bags that you can have everything neatly put away and secure.

Baby nappy backpacks make life so much easier, with lots of storage and the durability to withstand spills and everyday use.


Newborn swaddle blankets are great for the first couple of months because they securely wrap your baby up, which gives them the feeling of being inside their mom’s womb. Swaddling helps give you peace of mind when it comes to nap time and bedtime because you don’t have to worry about them rolling over. Some babies don’t like being swaddled, and that’s okay, keep the swaddles anyways!


When the teething time comes around it is no secret that the days and nights are not fun. They do have teething gels or tablets you can buy, but Tylenol does its magic. Tylenol is recommended by pediatricians for when teething or when your baby comes down with a fever or isn’t feeling good. Make sure to always keep that on hand.

Nasal Aspirator And Boogie Wipes

Nasal aspirators are great to get that snotty nose under control and help your baby be able to breathe better once their nose is unclogged. The suction is able to get the majority, if not all, of their boogers out. Boogie wipes are great to use for a runny nose because they are made specifically for a baby’s delicate skin. Wipes are too rough to be used on their nose and can leave residue and leave a baby’s nose feeling raw, and can even make it sting.

Baby Mittens

Baby mittens are absolutely a must have. Not only are they adorable for your baby to wear, but they keep their little hands warm. Babies constantly move their hands around, which makes it easy for them to scratch their little faces so hard they can bleed and irritate their skin.


Wipes are obviously a must have besides diapers, but wipes have other purposes other than changing a dirty diaper. They come in handy for every little mess that happens, and you don’t have anything to clean it up with. If you spill something in your car, grab some wipes out of your diaper bag and clean it up. They are especially great if you’re at the park and you need to wipe your hands off. There really isn’t anything wipes don’t come in handy for.

Walking Shoes

If your baby is preparing themself for learning how to walk, it’s important they have the right type of shoes to give them that support. Infant hard sole shoes are great because they are designed to support baby’s feet to help promote growth. Some infant shoes are difficult to put on and take off, but these are as easy as they come. They are secured with an elastic band that makes them secure for your baby’s feet.

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