AviaGames Raises $40 Million To Diversify mobile skill-based Gaming


AviaGames, the company behind the popular gaming app Pocket7Games, recently raised $40 million for their next ventures. This new round of investment will go towards developing even more new games on the Pocket7Games platform, as well as expanding AviaGames’ staff and bringing the game to even more players. 

Wide Variety of Games

AviaGames plans to diversify their skill-based phone games. Their app, Pocket7Games, already offers a wide variety of fast-paced, skill-based games. Players have the opportunity to win cash prizes when they defeat other players in these fun, casual games. Pocket7Games has something for every gamer, including games like 21 Gold, Explodocube and Tile Blitz. These are all skill-based games, though they feature a variety of different styles, from casino to matching to math games. 

Today, AviaGames is known for two major releases, Bingo Clash and Pocket7Games. Bingo Clash in particular is consistently at the top of the rankings in the App Store. This app is a casual and fast-faced twist on the classic game of Bingo. In this game, like in all of Pocket7Games’ social casino games, two or more players compete in real- time matches to win real cash prizes. Of course, players can also compete just for fun and bragging rights, instead. 

Focus on the Players

To make sure that matches are exciting and fair, Pocket7Games assigns a secret “skill value” to each player. This value represents the player’s gaming abilities. Then, AviaGames’ AI uses it to match players with similar game-playing skills for matches and tournament games. This way, players are always guaranteed a fun and challenging match at any time. This skill matchup system makes it easy for new players to join in, too, since matches are against other newbies. 

This live game matchup style is one of AviaGames’ specialties. Players have always been able to participate in one-on-one matches with other players, but recent updates have introduced the One vs. Many mode. In One vs. Many games, players are still matched with opponents at a similar skill level, but instead of two-player games, players can match their skills against two, three, or four live opponents in these new reward games. 

Top Development Team 

AviaGames’ latest round of investment comes from ACME Capital, Washington Harbour Partners and Powerhouse Capital, as well as returning investors, including Makers Fund and Galaxy Interactive.

  As this round of investors know, AviaGames has a proven, successful team.  AviaGames was founded in 2017, and currently has 70 professionals employed under the founder and CEO, Vickie Yanjuan Chen. Many staffers have experience in tech and gaming companies, including Nexon, Konami, Changyou, MeiTuan, Alibaba and NetEase. One of the planned uses of this round of investment is bringing even more talent to AviaGames’ staff. 

With this successful round of funding, it’s clear that AviaGames will keep creating exciting new social casino games. 

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