Automated Appointment Setter: The Best Tool for a Fast-paced Lifestyle


Finding meaning in a fast-paced life may sometimes be hard to figure out. Because of your busy schedule, you hardly get the reason to pause, think and relax. Nevertheless, there must be a strong reason why you have that kind of life. Maybe you are living for others, giving services to others, or making the most out of your life for the sake of others. This life resonates with the life of a physician.

Doctors’ fast-paced routines need a highly efficient assistant to help them organize schedules – their schedules or their patients’, and thus the use of appointment reminders comes in. What life does an appointment setter give? Or how convenient is it for them? Please find out about it here.

What Is An Automated Appointment Reminder?

An automated reminder is simply a tool that organizes your overloaded to-do list. The tool helps you organize your schedule via electronic notifications in different channels, like text messages, emails, phones, or faxes. It also sends schedules or reminders straight to your electronic calendar.

Setting up an automated appointment reminder can be easy. First, you can buy hardware to host the service or subscribe to an outside hosting reminder service. Many industries and businesses benefit from an appointment reminder service, like financial, service industries, manufacturing, travel and hospitality, events, retail, and health services.

In the health industry, areas like pharmacies, medical laboratories, dentists, veterinarians, and physicians commonly use the tool. Physicians usually use it for patients’ or personal appointments, prescription refills, and test results updates. The tool is a lot helpful for doctors because they can not afford missed appointments. After all, it means loss of money and even loss of tie-up appointments for some patients.

How Does It Work For You?

Using an automated appointment setter tool, you can take advantage of the many ways it works for your convenience.

Keep track of your schedule

An automated appointment reminder can sync with your calendar and keep track of your new schedules or bookings and appointments. It also blocks off booked time when new ones come in. It also reminds you automatically of your schedule for a specific time, and thus there’s no chance of missed schedules or tasks.

Round the clock updates

The system will automatically inform you whenever and wherever a client or patient cancels their appointments. It likewise informs you whenever a new appointment sets in, and this will allow you to confirm or decline the appointment. You can also respond or send special requests to your clients or patients any time of the day.

Keep track of your clients’ appointments

Managing your clients’ appointments can be done via the automated appointment setter. You can keep track of their upcoming bookings, send them reminders and even send them pertinent documents such as invoices of their transactions. You can also trace back the history of a particular client’s visits or appointments with you.

The Benefits

Among the many benefits of using the tool are the following:

Reduced Missed Appointments

Because of the efficient performance of the appointment setter, missed appointments are reduced and avoided. The health care system recorded a cost impact of $150 billion per year and an average of $200 per unused time slot for no-show appointments. Thus, the use of an automated appointment reminder dramatically improves the effect of missed appointments.


You can customize all the available data such as date, time, message reminders, and even greetings. You can uniquely customize them to each patient you are scheduled to accommodate, and you can even create message reminders and instructions with their names on them.

Apart from the customized message, you can also customize the setting of alarm time. You can set the time to alarm for your reminder, or you can also set the time to remind your patient as requested by him, thus no unnecessary disturbance on both of you.

Also, you can set a recurrence of reminders. Ideally, you should send reminders 24 hours before the scheduled patient’s visit, but if there is no confirmation yet, you can set the recurrence number until it is confirmed.

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Saves Time and Money

Suppose you have a career with high volume schedules like doctors who see many patients; making individual reminders could significantly drain time and money. You or your staff could be hooked up on the phone to make some reminders to patients or even redialing for unanswered calls.

For a business enterprise, 97% of calls are unanswered, especially those without caller IDs. Imagine the wasted time doing those unanswered calls; fortunately, you have the automated appointment reminder to avoid this loss and instead save your time and money by using it.


Managing your schedules can never be as easy as using an automated appointment setter. With the ease of using the tool, it would simplify looking after each appointment, to-do list, and schedules. It makes your work super easy, flexible and convenient. It, therefore, makes you efficient and productive in things you do, in your career, or your personal life.

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