Auto Body Repair Methods


Each time a vehicle pulls out of the driveway, or while still in the driveway at times, is at risk of getting into an accident.  That means that even a short trip to the grocery store can result in your vehicle suffering a new visual blemish that an auto body repair expert will need to repair. A technician will assess the damage at the shop and determine which repair method will work the best for your specific situation. Below are some of the most common kinds of collision and auto body repair methods.  

Replacement Of Auto Body Panels

In certain situations, the fastest method for repairing vehicle damage is to just replace the panel that is affected. Body panels can include fenders, bumpers, quarter panels, doors, trunk lids, hoods, and other parts. 

Auto Body Filler

There are certain types of impacts and dents that need body filler to be used to repair them. Body filler is a type of shapeable, durable materials that can be used to fill in scratches, dings, and dents to smooth out the body. The area will have to be repainted after the filler has been applied. 

If you want powder coating car parts brisbane on your rims in Brisbane, we use a chromatic pre-treatment which uses a chemical reaction to produce a protective layer

Paintless Dent Repair

This is another popular type of auto repair. The process involves a technician either popping out a dent or popping it out from the back part of the panel. Quite often this is an affordable option since it is not necessary for the vehicle to be resprayed.  

Sprayless Scratch Repair

When the paint job of a vehicle becomes scratched, a sprayless scratch repair might be able to be performed by a technician to restore the finish on a car. Repainting the area that has been damaged is not included in this scratch removal method. 

Auto Painting

To provide a brand new look to a vehicle or get its factory finish reinstated, a vehicle might have to be totally repainted. Weather-related issues or accidents can cause vehicle paint to become damaged. 

If your vehicle suffers some type of damage, give your local area collision repair shop a call to get your car restore to its pre-accident condition. Call Art’s Autobody and Paint Shop in Pomona, CA for outstanding auto body repair. Our team is completely committed to restoring your car to its pre-accident condition by employing the most current collision repair methods. Call us at (909) 764-8624 today to ask for an estimate on high-quality Pomona auto collision repair.

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