At what age should I start doing surgery?


If you ask this writer I’d like to say that if you can’t, that’s fine! Why would a plastic surgeon like a writer respond like that? because if we are satisfied with what we are, that’s all. We don’t need surgery. I must say that the surgery does not have anything. 100% safe or effective, the rest is a risk.

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   Medical Plastic surgery is not just a writer. Beautician or beauty writer (Heard this word and became dismayed because I could tell that before becoming a cosmetic surgery writer When the writer studied Must have graduated only in general surgery first. After that, there Opportunity to apply for cosmetic surgery. Which hospitals across the country will train doctors in this field only not more than 15 people per year. The duration of study throughout the course is 6 years.

   Therefore, after studying for such a long time, they might not be able to just do rhinoplasty with eyes only. There are many cosmetic surgery tasks such as correcting cleft lip and cleft palate in children. perform facial bone surgery at broken in the event of an accident Treat burns, treat chronic wounds and all kinds of pressure ulcers, and much more. Cosmetic surgery is just a small part of all the work that a plastic surgeon can do. It must be said that beauty work (Cosmetic) is only for the surgeon’s income.

The suggested age range for surgery was not because the writer wanted to perform surgery on younger patients. Or want to make money for patients who are not yet of legal age, but in order to delay or stop young patients from doing cosmetic surgery unnecessarily? Because nowadays there is a trend Teenagers will come for cosmetic surgery at a younger age. I used to want to have a nose job because I didn’t have a set. but when growing up This thought gradually disappeared because I began to think that looks weren’t important. equal to the brain in the head!)

  Here’s a breakdown of the appropriate age ranges for men and women. for each surgery


   In women should be aged 17 years and over and in men aged 19 years and older because the facial bones, especially the nose, will stop growing and change in About this age

Make 2 eyes

   Both women and men should be done at the age of 16 years because the eyelids and the Teng (eyelid layer) can never appear by themselves. Many people try to apply stickers. Some can be attached or not. Some people can have folds. Some people get stuck until they are discouraged. The layering or not depends on the thickness of the eyelid skin and eyelid fat. If the eyelids are very thick Sticking stickers to death won’t be born.

breast augmentation

Should be over 20 years old, it is not known whether it is a good idea to separate men and women or not, because when I was a military doctor and had the opportunity to enlist in the new army Many Thai men already have breasts. (Mostly more than 3 cubits), which Thai men are perfectly healthy. Writers often have to be distributed as 3 and 4 because if released into the barracks. The camp is guaranteed to be broken!

jaw amputation

According to medical principles, actually starting to cut the jaw from the age of 16-18 years, but for plastic surgeons in general. often waiting for molar teeth The last one comes first is the age of 18-20 years because of the last molar teeth. Affects the removal of the jaw. For example, if we cut the corners of the jaw from the age of 16, at the age of 18, the last molar tooth emerges. There will be less space in the bone, making the jaw corners brittle and easy to break.

But as said above. That is an assessment of the doctor who said that the organ Growing up and not changing anymore, but what can change is “thinking”. When is it appropriate to do surgery? The writer replied that when the patient There is full growth in body, mind, including thoughts and feelings. take care of yourself. Why is that? The writer would like to give you an example. For example, the boys came to have rhinoplasty from the age of 17-18 years old. After the augmentation was done, they went to play football with their friends. Hit the ball with a deformed nose. (Eh… or that Nowadays, they prefer to play volleyball instead.) As for the younger women, arguing with their friends, getting slapped, punched, crooked noses like this, etc. There are many things that are so bizarre that many of us are probably confused about how to remove our nose. How are you going to do this?

For the writer Let me tell you that care after surgery is important. More than surgery

Cosmetic surgery has its advantages and disadvantages (in this world there is nothing good. Just like a coin, there are always two sides.) Please study well, both advantages and disadvantages. Simple idea is that whatever is material. No matter how good or expensive it is when put into us We have to take good care of it, like one of our organs. Otherwise it won’t last long with us.

“Surgery” can make you “prettier”, but it can also make you “unlucky”.

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