Aspects Which Go into Talking to Angels


Angels are the messengers of Heaven, and therefore it is vital that you can communicate well with them. The angels can send messages, including speech, writing, prayed, and using telepathy and music, depending on which kind of mission God gives. What are the languages of the Angel? In the context of these communication styles, people will appreciate it.

Yet the angels also have some magic. Once, Ralph Waldo Emerson said the angels are so divine of the language that is spoken in Heaven, that they will not distort their lips with the hissing and unmusical dialects of man, but will tell theirs, whether there are people who understand them or not.” You may also visit How To Talk To Angels regarding this.

Whilst angels often remain silent when on duty, religious scriptures are filled with reports that angels spoke when God gave them something significant to tell. Below here, we have depicted the most important aspects to consider while talking to angels:

Speaking with deep voices

Their voices sound very strong when angels speak—and the sound is even more remarkable when God says to them.

In Revelation 5: 11-12, in a vision of Heaven, Apostle Jean mentions the fantastic voices of the Angel, which he heard: “I saw and heard the voice of many angels, counting thousands and thousands, and 10,000 times ten thousand. The throne, the living beings and the elders were all surrounded. They were saying in a loud voice: “The Lamb, who was slain, is worthy to receive strength, riches, knowledge, power, honour!”

The Prophet Samuel compares the power of the divine voice to the thunder in 2 Samuel of the Torah and the Bible. Verse 11 states, as they fled, God followed the cherubs angels. Verse 14 says The Lord thundered from Heaven; the voice of the Highest was sounded.” The voice of the Most High was rendered like the thunders.”

Wise Words Talk

Angels often tell people who need spiritual insight to offer knowledge. Thus, the Prophet Zacharias, in chapter I of Zechariah, sees red, brown and white horses in a vision and asks what they are. He sees them as the Prophet, and in the Torah, and the Bible, Gabriel interprets the dream of Prophet Daniel, who in Daniel 9:22 says that he has been come to give Daniel “intelligence and knowledge.” In verse 9 the Angel who talked to me responded, “I’m going to show you what they are.””

Speaking to the authority of God

God is the One who empowers faithful angels to talk, who urges people to listen to what they say.

In Exodus 23:20-22, God advises Moses to listen closely to the voice of the Angel: “Lo, I have the Angel in your presence, to watch you in the way I have set you to, and to hear his voice; do not rebel against him; for he will not guard you on the way and bring you into the place where I have prepared.

Wonderful terms to say

Engels in Heaven will utter words too marvelous to be spoken on earth by humans. In 2 Corinthians 12:4, the Bible states that when the apostle Paul witnessed the vision of Heaven, he heard “untold words which it is not lawful for one to speak.”

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God often sends angels to use the spoken word to proclaim messages which dramatically change the world.

Final Words

Muslims claimed that the Prophet Muhammad’s Archangel Gabriel was the One who dictated the whole Qur’an’s terms. The Qur’an states: ‘Tell Gabriel Who is an Enemy; for he is who revealed this Bible to the heart through the permissiveness of god and affirms what has been revealed before, and is the guide and glad news to the believers.’ In Chapter II, verse 97, the Qur’an declares and you may visit here’s how to talk to angels.

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