As Ghost Kitchens Emerge The Future Of Restaurants Are Looking Bright And Safe


With the dining scenario changing completely, more and more people like the idea of dining inside the cozy warmth of one’s home rather than dress up and go out. The preference for dining out is slowly vanishing with most of the customers taking to food apps or delivery apps for ordering their favorite meal. 

With consumer preferences changing, new trends of ghost kitchens emerge in the food market giving importance to food delivery apps. The consumer dependence on food delivery apps has grown a lot recently and according to recent studies, consumers spent about 10.2 billion dollars through these apps in 2018. This has forced the restaurant business to adapt to the changing environment. The boom in food deliveries and ghost kitchens have made more and more new start-up food companies opting for only delivery with no dining area.

As food deliveries boom, so do ghost kitchens  

As the food delivery apps are the new idea of consumer eating habits, the emergence of ghost kitchens is a welcome change to start-up companies as well as other restaurant owners. So in short ghost kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant that has no dining area, counter, or any waiter waiting on your table with a menu card. It is all done online. The customer orders food through the food app from a certain restaurant and the delivery is done through the food delivery apps like Uber eats etc.

Not long before the idea of a romantic evening was to go out and have dinner, but now the atmosphere has changed and people prefer to order their food rather than go out to dine. Ghost kitchens are very popular now and customers can order from these virtual kitchens at any time even at 2 am. So let’s check out the secret of their success:

  • Increased demand for food delivery

With the consumers opting for convenience, food delivery is the modern trend. People do not want to leave the comfort of their homes to glitzy and lavish restaurants. Eating out is slowly declining with more and more people ordering food online. Since 2013 there has been a 77% increase in the food delivery orders and the numbers are just going to rise. So adapting to the changes is inevitable for the restaurant owners.

  • No time limit

Virtual kitchens don’t have any time limits; they don’t close like ordinary restaurants. The customers can order from these restaurants at any time. Virtual kitchens or ghost kitchens are always ready to take your order and the delivery guys reach your doorstep even at the wee hours of the morning.

  • Technology

Technology has helped virtual kitchens to reach their peak. Setting up virtual kitchens and connecting through apps has made the ghost kitchen more successful. Consumers find it very easy to install these apps and ordering food online is no difficult job in the modern era where mobile and internet is not a luxury anymore but a necessity.

  • The increase in real estate prices

Owning a restaurant is not an easy job. It has to look lavish and has to accommodate lots of customers and so they have to own a lot of space. But with the real estate prices always going up, it becomes difficult for small-time restaurants to fit into the business. But with a ghost kitchen everything changes, you just need a small space for cooking your food and the rest is done online, so more and more restaurant owners are opting for the virtual kitchen idea and adapting themselves to the changing trend.

The reasons for saying that Ghost kitchens are very popular now

  • People have started to depend on online food delivery after they have come home after a hard day’s work
  • Customers are finding it more convenient to stay home and have a cozy dinner rather than go out all dressed up
  • The recent pandemic too has made ghost kitchen a more viable option
  • Late-night food deliveries are a plus point of the ghost kitchen that has made it a popular choice especially with the younger generation

Ghost kitchens are very popular now but are they a permanent trend? 

With virtual kitchens becoming popular can we say that they are a permanent trend? The answer to this is quite clear, with the onset of the pandemic the consumers are opting to stay home and stay safe. The shared commissary kitchen is going to become a popular trend as well as a permanent one even after the pandemic. Because of various reasons and the main being the convenience. And it is also more affordable than going to an expensive restaurant. So if you say that the virtual kitchen is here to stay will not be an exaggeration.

Ghost kitchens keep restaurants alive with delivery-only operations

When the pandemic struck, it was a shock for most restaurant owners because people had no choice but to stay inside. But what was forced initially has now become more convenient. People are opting to stay inside and with everything becoming online the consumers started to learn more and more about food delivery apps for their favorite food. 

So adjusting to the trend restaurant owners too are adapting fast and setting up virtual kitchens. If they are slow to embrace this trend then the restaurant business will slowly die down. So, in other words, we can say that a ghost kitchen or virtual kitchen is here to stay and the faster they adapt the more they gain. The booming GIG economy is also helping the restaurants to keep in tow to the changing trend. With the consumer habits changing the scenario of dining out, the restaurant business has a lot to gain from this: low wastage of food, low rents, lesser employees, no front desk, etc.

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