Are you in search of the Best Places to watch the Sunset in Charleston? 


Many people in this world are nature lovers, and the sunset is breathtaking scenery for them. They always find a better place to watch the sunset. If you are in Charleston and looking for a better place to protect the evening, you are at the right place.

There are many places available in Charleston for watching the sunset, but the perfect place matters from where you can probably enjoy it properly. There is the best place in the river from where you will be able to get the best view of Charleston’s sunset. If you want to watch the best scenery, try visiting Charleston Sunset Cruise and get ready for that now. 

1. Charleston Sunset Cruise

If you choose Charleston Sunset Cruise, you will be able to watch the best scenery getting on a boat, which will be very exciting for you. If you don’t know from where you can capture the sunset, don’t worry, this article will probably help you find the best place for catching the evening properly. So, continue reading if you want to know which are the best places to watch the sunset in Charleston. So, let’s have a great experience by knowing those places properly.

2. The Watch

It is one of the best places to watch the sunset properly. There is no entry fee available for entering this place, and if you are anywhere in Charleston, you will be easily able to visit this place within minutes as this place is not far from Charleston. You can smoothly go to this place in any vehicle you want.


This place is an entertainment park, and you will need an entry fee for entering this place. You will also be able to visit this place quickly. This place is full of natural beauty, and you can also capture the sunset wholly from this place, which will provide you with a great experience. So, set the location in your GPS and visit there now.


It is a beach, and you will be easily able to visit this place. This place is also full of natural beauty, and you will be easily able to cover the whole sunset from the folly beach pier. It is the best place for capturing the evening in Charleston. You can easily visit this place without any fees as it is a public beach. 

5. Main Point

It is the most essential and beautiful point in Charlestone for covering the sunset wholly. You will be easily able to get a boat and then cover that place from the main point. There is always some boats available in the river for going to the main point. But if you are not getting some better boats for covering the sunset, the below instructions may help you.

Here are some boats that you might choose:


HOBA X is a small boat for a small family. If you are not more than six members, you can quickly try choosing this boat. If you pick this boat, you will have to pay $100-$150 per hour for this boat.


HOBA XL is more significant than the first one, and this boat can carry up to 10 passengers easily, and you can easily choose this boat for covering your family if it is middle-sized. You have to pay $200-$250 per hour if you select this boat.


HOBA EXTRA is a giant boat available for going into the river. This boat can easily carry up to 15 passengers, which is cool. You will have to pay 350$-400$ per hour if you choose this boat.

There was everything in detail, and you need to follow them.

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