Are you Considering a Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)? 5 Things to Know

Thanks to cosmetic surgery procedures, you can enhance your facial beauty andboost your self-confidence. You can find procedures to improvebody parts that do not suit you. One popular technique is rhinoplasty which seeks to enhance your nose appearance. If you consider having the nose job, we will help you know more about theprocedures and what to expect. Let us get started.

Things to Know when Considering Rhinoplasty

1.            Is it Right for You?

The question is challenging to answer since it differs for an individual. However, cosmetic procedures are becomingmore prominent in modern society. Celebrities and influencers are promoting them in mainstream media. It is no surprise you will find individuals with elegant facial features. Rhinoplasty Dubai is a solution if you find your nose is not your strongest attribute. The procedures can alter the shape and size to enhance your facial appearance. However, there are things to know when considering having a nose job.

2.            The Available options

You get various options to consider at an aesthetic clinic in Dubai. Apart from enhancing appearance, rhinoplasty can help you breathe better. A specialist can increase o reduce your nose size, alter its shape, remove nasal humps and improve its general outlook. It takes approximately two to three hours to complete the procedure. Rhinoplasty is available in two categories;

Open: a surgeon will fold the nose skin to reshape its outlook. You can select different options for open rhinoplasty procedures depending on your need. Although you will swell more than the other option, the recovery is faster and better. In addition, open rhinoplasty has a risk of tissues dying. It affects the nose tip, which is unlikely to happen if you have a closed operation.

Closed: it does not involve a surgeon making incisions on the parts. Therefore it will take less time to recover and get back t work. However, the duration depends on the procedure you select for your nose job.The results are natural-looking, but the nose will swell for a few days after the procedures.

3.            Having the Right Surgeon is Critical

The outcome of nose jobs differs from one person to another. Mostly, the surgeon who did the procedures will determine the results. Not all the professionals in the field specialize in rhinoplasty. So, it is critical to select the right surgeon for your treatment. Elect a medical practitioner with skills in the nose job you want. Their experience from previous work n other people can ensure you achieve your objective of undergoing plastic surgery.

Talking to the specialist will assist the know your goals, and they can develop a plan to achieve them. It would help to have questions during your first engagement with the surgeon. Enquire about everything of concern to enable you to make the right choice with your cosmetic surgery. A board-certified practitioner is the best choice. They have the skills from years of training and assessment to guarantee you a good job. Still, request to see previous procedures the professional did to gauge the quality of work.

4.            The Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a personalized treatment that differs in each situation. It will depend on how the surgeon plans to approach it and the procedure’s complexity. The specialist will decide on the anesthesia or whether they will sedate you before getting the nose job. Talk to your doctor about the available options to identify a suitable one.

A surgeon can achieve your objectives by cutting through the flesh or going through the inner side without the need for incisions. The procedure can alter your nose shape to your liking. It may require thespecialist to add or remove components to get te=he best outlook. A surgeon may use nose cartilage for minor adjustments or transfer the items from other parts of your body.After which, the practitioner will close the wound by stitching the parts. They will add tissues and cells to give your nose its natural look.

5.            The Recovery

It is essential to plan for your recovery since you cannot return to work immediately after the procedure. Although the doctor will not admit you to the hospital after the surgery, you need to care for yourself post-treatment to ensure the outcome is successful. Since you will be under anesthesia, it is best to have someone drive you home after the procedure.

Bruises will heal after a few days of having the procedures, while the swelling may take moretime to reside. If you have another nose job, the recovery time will be longer. Freeing up your schedule early will give you time to recover. It is advisable to avoid strenuous jobs during the time. Also, eat healthily and follow the doctor’s recommendation to get the best out of your rhinoplasty procedure.


Your facial appearance can significantly change by getting a nose job. Contact a specialized surgeon today to learn about the options if you consider having the procedure.

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