Arab casino –  attitude to gambling and legal status in the Middle East


While gambling is officially permitted in the United States and in many European countries, gambling is prohibited at this time in many Muslim countries.

However, in many Muslim countries, you can still find such an Arab casino, with one small clarification. Casino games are allowed only for tourists. For the locals themselves, casinos are prohibited.

Somewhere, such as in Lebanon, there is no ban on gambling, and somewhere arab casino is replaced by sweepstakes, dog races and horse racing.

Support in Arabic countries for lifting the ban on gambling

Many experts call 2020 a “thaw” of gambling and casinos in Arab countries. What are the reasons for such changes? Why have many Muslim countries become much more loyal?

Of course, the new rules are primarily aimed at tourists. For example, a huge number of tourists come to Egypt every year. Almost all of them love casino games. That is why the Egyptian government has created a new bill that allows foreign citizens to play arab casino games. The only condition is that the tourist must be eighteen years old.

In Palestine, Kuwait, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates, there has always been a ban on all casino games and horse racing bets. Now, the governments of these countries have changed their attitude towards casinos. They allowed tourists to visit the casino and online casino to play.

Moreover, visiting gamblers can use online betting sites almost freely. And although most of these sites are focused on European and American wallets, there are also several payment methods for Arab people too.

In addition, the United Arab Emirates hosts the famous World Cup Horse Racing every year, which is attended by thousands of people. Most of them are tourists. Almost throughout the entire Middle East, there is a “thaw” in relation to casinos and gambling in general. A few years ago, even a foreign citizen could not place a stake in the Middle East. Now, everything has changed. If you are a tourist, you can place a bet, visit horse races, participate in a tournament, visit a casino in Kuwait.

The most famous casino in the Middle East

Speaking about the Middle East region, it can be noted that a significant part of gambling establishments operates in Israel. There are only six of them and they are located on sea liners moored off the Israeli coast.

However, the largest and most famous arab casino “Casino du Liban” is located in Lebanon in the city of Jounieh. The most affluent gambling enthusiasts, both from the Middle East and other world states, prefer to spend their leisure time in this elite institution. This gorgeous gambling establishment includes fifty-seven gaming tables and nearly four hundred slot machines and poker terminals.

Among the online betting sites, the most popular is the 888casino (Arabic version).

Arab sheikhs and gambling

It is worth mentioning the fact that the rich and proud Arab sheikhs in everyday life are real gamblers who are ready to sit at gambling tables and slot machines for long hours with great enthusiasm. Examples include such personalities as Omar Sharif, King of Jordan, Iranian Shah named Reza Pahlavi – these people were frequent guests of the Live Casino.

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