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It is not easy being a student. There are so many distractions around us that it often feels challenging to stay organized and be productive. For a student, time management is pivotal to finding success in academics and life. If you manage your time well, you will find time to focus on your passions and your mental and physical wellbeing. Fortunately for you, today, there is an array of apps that can help you boost your productivity. Which are these apps? In this article, we will take a look at all such apps. So let us get started and address them one by one.


Clockify is one of the best time-tracking applications. For anyone who aspires to be more productive will love the Clockify app. If there are days when you keep wondering where did all the time go, this is the app to help you with that answer. Using the app, you can get better at time management at the organization. This app will help you see if you are spending too much time on something unproductive or if your time management skill is not as effective as it should be. In Clockify, there is an option to track your time automatically. Hence, you do not have to interrupt what you are doing or break your focus. In case, while time tracking, you realize that certain assignments tend to take longer than others, you can outsource them from experts at TopAssignmentExperts. In addition to time tracking, Clockify also performs an array of other features, such as the Pomodoro timer. This will help you place regular breaks in between your study time to keep your mind fresh, active, and efficient.

myHomework Student Planner

Of course, the mention of homework in the name instantly makes you want to believe that it is a school-oriented app, and, in fact, we are mentioning the apps for students, but we would like to put it across, this app will be helpful for people of all levels. From university to high school, this app will benefit everyone.

On the app, you get a calendar wherein you can keep a tab on your impending tasks – projects, assignments, exams, or any other event that you do not want to miss. If you find that the time is less and tasks are huge, there are platforms like ThanksForTheHelp you can reach out to. It has an array of experts for all subjects who can help you with your assignments.

myHomework Student Planner also includes a homework widget. You can use it to sync your assignments and get regular alerts never to miss an assignment. Using this app regularly will ensure that you complete all tasks before the deadline.


If you need a to-do list application that can help you keep a tab on all the tasks in hand, this is the app for you. It has an intuitive user interface, which makes it easier for you to navigate through the app. Setting reminders for your impending projects, tasks, and assignments and getting timely alerts when there is a deadline is one of the best features of this app. As you finish the listed task, you can check it on the side. This will keep you persistently motivated to achieve your tasks. On the app, you will find color-coded boards. These make Kanban-style management seem so effortless. You can seamlessly cluster the tasks into categories. This will leave you with several to-do lists for school, home, and everything, as needed. Another excellent feature of this app is that you can collaborate with others also. So, if, for instance, you are doing a group project, and you have prepared a list of tasks in priority, you can share it with other members of the group, do ensure that everything is done timely and in the right sequence. You can even mention their name in front of the task. So, they know what their responsibilities are. Once done, they can tick them. This will let you know as and when the task is marked as done. If there is any task on the list that no one is interested in, you can delegate it to an EduWorldUSA expert.

In addition, the app also helps you keep a tab on your productivity trends. Hence, you can find out, which are your most productive periods around the day, and when are you laziest or need a little push. Further, the app allows seamless integration with some of your most-used tools, such as Amazon Alexa, Slack, Gmail, and others. You can access the basic features at zero cost. These will include setting deadlines, prioritizing the tasks, or creating new tasks. However, if you need more advanced features, it will come at a price. The cost is 36 USD annually or 4 USD per month.


It is one of the best applications, which helps you keep your assignments and thoughts organized. You can seamlessly keep all your notes and personal checklists synced across all the devices. So, you can easily access them from anywhere. It also means that if you are working on the app via one device, you can continue from the other device without any additional effort. More so, the app lets you take notes in an array of different formals, such as photos, audio, text, web clippings, and videos. You can also add PDFs and word documents to it. If you are working on a group project, you can easily collaborate with other members and share ideas. There is also a feature to plan your tasks and set reminders.


Certain tasks better your cognitive ability. Boosting cognitive ability will prove helpful today, tomorrow, and in your future, if you aspire to start your own business.?)

Lumosity understands its vitality. So, to improve your cognitive ability, it has formulated over fifty games directed towards training your brain’s cognitive abilities. Moreover, Lumosity is associated with a scientific community that comprises over 100 researchers who work towards developing these brain tools. So, is it not something you, too, would want to make the most of? This sure is a brilliant app that is actually backed by science.

Bottom Line

If, despite using these apps, you do not see a significant change in your productivity, you must enroll yourself in some time management course. Again, the internet is full of such courses. You can make your pick, but remember to make the most of your time because time is a limited asset and will never come back once wasted.

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