Annual Health Checks To Get


Recent world events have thrown a spotlight on health like never before, making many people more aware of their health and more concerned about health conditions or potential health risks. 

One thing that all health professionals agree on is that when it comes to health, prevention is better than cure. 

And, a key factor in being proactive about your health and adopting a preventative approach is to have regular health checks.

Doctors recommend that adults get routine health checkups as often as every six months to every year, depending on the person’s age and family history of illness. 

Regular health checks may help to identify early warning signs of disease or illness. In this article, we will list some of the common annual health checks. Depending on your health, age, lifestyle factors or if you have any pre-existing health conditions, your doctor may recommend different health checks.

General Health Checkup 

Healthcare is not just about seeing your doctor when you are sick or in agony. Regular general health checkups may help uncover potential health issues before they become a serious problem or untreatable.

Annual health checks are an overall health assessment and examination where your doctor will talk with you about your medical history, your family’s medical history of disease and lifestyle factors. In a general health check, your GP will also ask about your diet, how much you sleep, your weight, whether you exercise, drink, smoke or take illegal drugs. 

In a general health check, typically, your doctor will listen to your heart, check your blood pressure, calculate your body mass index (BMI) and order blood tests.

As more and more people become aware of the importance of general health checks, pre-employment medicals and executive health checks are also becoming more standardised in many workplaces.  

Spine Health Check

In 2015, The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found back pain to be the second leading cause of disease burden overall in Australia. 

And, despite some four million people suffering from back pain each year, many people neglect to get their spine and posture regularly checked.  

Chiropractors, such as those at Chiropractor Maroubra, offer patients spinal screening assessments which assess potential posture abnormalities, vertebral misalignment and other health indicators that may warrant further chiropractic investigation.

Skin Cancer Check

According to the Cancer Council, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, which makes regular skin cancer checks paramount to detecting it early and improving a patient’s chance of successful treatment. 

What Health Checks Do You Need

There are many types of annual health checks, so it is important to speak with your doctor to determine what type you may need. For example, some people might only need a screening test for blood pressure or cholesterol levels. 

Other people might need a more thorough exam that includes blood work and an examination of their body from head to toe, which is called a physical exam.

Other factors such as age, family medical history, gender and many lifestyle factors may also influence the type of annual health checks you require. 

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