An Original Idea For A Gift – A Full-Length Hug Or Body Pillow!


Choosing a gift is not always easy – you need to make an effort to remember what a person has, what you gave before, what others gave, and what does he need?

Before the holidays, the question always arises: what to give to your relatives, friends, and loved ones. After all, you want to give something special that you like, cause positive emotions and become your favorite thing.

Can’t choose a gift for a  loved one? 

Don’t know what to give the person who has everything? Puzzling over an original gift solution? There is a solution! 

A full-length hugging body pillow and white noise machine are excellent ideas for a valuable and necessary gift, which both children and men and women will always welcome!

Background of Body Pillows!

Body pillows originated in Japan and were called dakimakura pillows. At first, an arm was simply added to ordinary pillows, with which one could hug oneself. These were products for sleeping, then long decorative pillows appeared to decorate the room, and then they began to produce hug pillows in the growth of a full-sized person. 

Although full-length pillows were initially recommended for pregnant women because they provide support for the neck and back and allow you to comfortably accommodate a growing tummy, over time, an increasingly diverse audience of buyers has felt the benefits of such large pillows.

Long body pillow for the whole body has become a pleasant, helpful element for healthy sleep, which give a feeling of comfort and security on a physical level, are suitable for relieving stress, and for people with back or leg pain who like to sleep on such a pillow and just wallow with a book or tablet.

Why prefer a body pillow as a comfortable sleep partner?

Body pillows will be especially appreciated by people suffering from loneliness, a lack of touch, and tactile proximity because scientists have proven that when hugging, hormones of joy are produced, and hugging with the long pillow, a person becomes happier and therefore only healthier! 

A large human-sized pillow will drive away the feeling of loneliness and give a cozy sleep without complaints from the second half that her arm/leg is numb or it is too hot for her to sleep together.

The hugging pillow will hug and warm from all sides, like the most unpretentious and loving friend. 

According to a research scientist from the University of Michigan (USA), sleeping with a pillow between your legs will limit pressure on the veins, increase blood circulation, and help in the postoperative period. In addition, such a dream helps strengthen the immune system, minimize the risk of heart disease, reduce fatigue and stress and prevent varicose veins. 

The benefits of using body pillows are apparent, as they have both physical and psychological benefits. With them, you can safely fall asleep, hug, or use them as a decorative element. The original hugging pillow will please you and your friends and will be an excellent gift for any occasion!

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