Amrit Maan Net Worth in 2020 – Property, Earnings, Biography, Lifestyle & Girlfriend


Amrit Maan was born in Goniana Mandi, India, on 10 June 1992. He is a singer, songwriter, and actor and well known for his debut film Channa Mereya, released in 2017.

Short Biography

Song writing is the starting point of Amrit Maan, and his first song name is Jatt Fire Karda. Diljit Dosanjh sang the song, which was a massive hit. Amrit Maan is 28 years old, as in 2020. His height and weight are 5 feet, 9 inches, and 75 kg. He is a man with Dark color hair and Dark Brown color eyes.

Amrit Maan’s Educational Qualification

Amrit did schooling in Bathinda, and later he completes M.Tech in Software Engineering at Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ramnagar, Banur, and Mohali. At the age of early, he was a brilliant student.

Amrit Maan’s Net Worth in Dollars & Rupees

Amrit Maan is a renowned and beloved singer in Punjab, as well as in India. His net worth in Indian rupees is around 37.44 crores, and it converted in USD is approximately 5 million. Now his song is the most viewed song On Youtube.

Amrit Maan’s Revenue

Amrit Maan’s revenue is too high. Here we describe his revenue. In 2016, revenue was $8.3K, and its increase $14.5K in 2017. Next two years, his revenue was increased rapidly, and in 2020, revenue was decreased, and it was $87.8K. So it indicates that revenue is up and down every year.

Amrit Maan’s Car’s & Price

Amrit Maan has his cars, and that’s so expensive. Most of the time, he used Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Porsche, Audi, and many more. Those cars are so expensive, and it cost around 1.5 crores. He now has his own house in Patiala, and its value is one crore in rupees.

Amrit Maan’s Charge for a Song

Amrit Maan is a famous and trendy singer in Punjab. He charger for a single song is 8 lakh rupees, which are such a considerable amount, and now he is a highly paid artist in the industry of music in Punjab. Sometimes he also goes for a live stage show for his fans.

Amrit Maan’s Hit songs

Amrit Maan is a singer, but he wrote the song lyric and acted in Bollywood film. His first debut song was so hit for the best performance. At first, he was just a singer but later when he started to write the songs lyric, gave him massive fame. As a result, his face is now well known to almost all. He sang many hit songs like Desi Da Drum, Trending Nakhra, Combination, etc. These song has gained millions of views, and most of the song has earned much success at the box office.

Who is Amrit Maan’s Girlfriend?

Amrit Maan is the top-ranked singer at this time. He hangs out with friends almost all the time and goes out for a long drive with his family. According to Google’s source, Amrit does not have any girlfriend, and still, now he is unmarried. Diljit Dosanjh is the best friend of Amrit Maan, and their bondage is so intense.

Amrit Maan’s Unknown Fact

Amrit Maan loves to eat Kadi – Chawal, favorite color black and famous singer is Gurdas Maan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Generally, he spends his free time playing guitar and sing-song. His song is sweet and euphonious that everybody loves his songs, and in a short time, he earned a massive fan base.


So, After long research, According to this article, Amrit Maan is one of the most Discussed and high paid artists in Punjab. For his out of ordinary performance gave him much fame and popularity. That’s why his net worth is increasing alarmingly, and it is 5 million US dollars. I think his net will be increased to around 8 million in 2021.

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