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Building a house to a home takes a lot of love, care, and hardships. It is not a mere shelter space but a comfortable space. Each homemaker builds their comfort space with handpicked items, from the color of the walls to a doorbell. With such care, thought, and emotions put in, it is heart-wrenching when the beloved home space undergoes damage. The american residential warranty offers plenty of services to cover all homecare pains for their customers to save the day.

Warranty vs. Insurance

Before diving into the benefits of a warranty, it is crucial to have a coherent conception of what a warranty stands for. Often warranty and insurance are confused with one another. In reality, homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance, and a home warranty aim to provide mental and monetary peace by covering the damages if something unforeseen happens to the house. The difference lies in the type of protection they provide.

Homeowners and flood insurance are often used when the home and valuables are damaged by theft, storms, fires, floods, or natural disasters, subject to the type of policy. On the other hand, House Service Agreements or Home Warranties cover the costs of repairing or replacing different categories of your home’s systems and equipment. The warranty assures the homeowner of repairs or replacement in case something stops operating or breaks down. However, the coverage is dependent on the home warranty plan chosen from the different options offered by the warranty company and is subjected to the contract’s terms and conditions.

Depending on the plan and options chosen, a home protection plan covers mechanical failures or breakdowns due to regular wear and tear of your home appliances or major systems. For example, some hidden devices are heat/air conditioning, plumbing, electric, kitchen appliances, etc.

About American Residential Warranty(ARW)

Since 1946, ARW has provided home warranty services and is a reputed leading company in the market. It offers various coverage options that are one of a kind compared to other competitors, such as electronics coverage. For example, ARW lets their customers choose their licensed contractor in addition to having electronics coverage. Additionally, customers can also opt for the company’s licensed service technicians as per their preference.

American Residential Warranty was established in 1946 and is based in Boca Raton, Florida. The warranty services provided by the company cover home warranties, electronics protection, and home security systems. The company has tie-ups with leading electronic giants to deliver state-of-the-art service to its customers.

ARW has curated seven different plans covering various electronics and items. It provides services in all states across the US except California, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, Washington, and Texas. In addition, the company offers an add-ons facility excelling the game and delivering more than expected to provide additional flexibility.

What Does ARW Cover?

ARW cover offers made-to-order plans covering almost all major appliances that incur high repair costs. Devices like central heating and cooling, ducting, plumbing and electrical systems, water and sewer lines, kitchen electronics, ceiling fans, garage door openers, and water heaters are popular choices covered by ARW plans. The critical feature of ARW programs is that I cover both new and old appliances. Thus, the plans are a cost-effective approach to home maintenance as they are merely a tiny percentage of standard repair prices. To sum up, a home warranty can retain thousands of dollars in the long run by covering the regular wear and tear repair costs.

ARW has curated several different plans presenting maximum flexibility and extent of coverage. The programs can be classified into two categories- key and bundle plans.

The critical plans are-

1. Kitchen Plus- It covers kitchen appliances, electrical & water heater. The featured devices under coverage are-

  • Built-In Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Interior Electrical System
  • Kitchen Exhaust Fan
  • Range / Oven / Cooktop
  • Refrigerator (Not Including Ice Maker)
  • Water Heater

2. Platinum- This plan covers significant appliances, electrical, central heating & cooling. The devices included are-

  • Devices under Kitchen Plus
  • Central Home Heating
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Humidifier

3. Platinum Premier- This is the most popular plan among all as it offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. The plan includes the following devices.

  • Devices under Platinum
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Ductwork
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Plumbing Stoppages (Fixtures Not Included)
  • Plumbing System (Fixtures Not Included)

4. Heating and Cooling- This plan offers coverage specifically for heating, cooling, and electricals. The devices included are-

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Central Home Heating
  • Humidifier
  • Interior Electrical System

5. Ultimate Electronics Protection- This plan is designed to cover all new and used electronics under a single plan. The devices included are-

  • Desktops/Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Hand-held Gaming Devices
  • Routers
  • Printers
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Players
  • External Hard Drives
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Home Theater System
  • Tech Support
  • And Much More

The bundle plans are a combination of the plans mentioned above with add-ons.

1. 4-in-1 Bundle

2. 3-in-1 Bundle

Why Choose ARW?

American Residential Warranty is a nationwide leader in the industry. It extends its assistance to homeowners in protecting their finances against unexpected repair figures. The Better Business Bureau credited the company an A+ rating. Home warranty policies, electronics protection plans, and home security systems are additional products proposed by the company to be availed by its customers. ARW’s partners prove their dedication to maintaining high professional standards while also providing real value and outstanding service to its clients. ARW collaborates with some of the world’s most well-known and successful businesses. For example, Asurion provides ARW’s electronics protection plan. Furthermore, their relationship with SafeStreets allows them to deploy security systems. AIG Warranty, AmTrust Financial, Lowe’s, Asurion, ADT, and GE Appliances are among other collaborators with the company.


ARW manages customer service within reach for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The company and its partners maintain state-of-the-art call centers that are ready to handle customer claims and queries at any given time. In addition, ARW dispatches a repair professional as soon as possible in the event of an emergency. The company aims to simplify home maintenance for its customers without burning a hole in their pockets.

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